Want to Score 50-51 Raw Score in GMAT Quant

In GMAT test, Quant score is considered to be a key to unlock the door of 680+ GMAT score. The question arises ‘How?’; we’ll describe with the correlation between the GMAT Percentile and the Quant score.

Let’s proceed in the quant section you have to attempt 37 questions in 75 minutes and a desirable Quant Score is 45-46 out of 60 marks. The mean score is 37.5 and the median score is 40. If you’re scoring in between 42-44 then your percentile will land in array 54-61  percentile, with six marks in 44 quant score lead you to 51 and make a percentile of 97 which is a very good indication.

One thing you must note down here, Indians possess an in-depth knowledge in quant, from the rest of the world. Since Indian education revolves around the mathematics. And mostly students with engineering students take GMAT to get post graduation degree in MBA. Hence, this is quite obvious they have a strong foundation in mathematics. Here four valid ways to get 50-51 raw score in GMAT quant.

GMAT Quant

#way1: Ascertain the prompt analysis:

Before solving any question ascertain the prompt analysis of the question. Understand what is starting, after analysing it makes your problem solving easier. For illustration, try to solve the Data sufficiency question, in the following:

Q1. If a > b, how much greater than b is a? 

(1) b is one-fourth the value of a.

(2) The sum of a and b is 100.



a and b are real numbers with a greater than b


The difference between b and a can be from zero to infinity


Since a and b are two variables, we need

  1. The exact value of a and b
  2. Two equation with only a and b s variable
  3. Some characteristics of a and b that may narrow down the possible solution to only one.


St 1: a = 4b. Since b can take infinite possible values. NOT SUFFICIENT. Hence option a and d eliminated.

St 2: a+b = 100. A and b again can take infinite possible values. NOT SUFFICIENT. Hence option a, b and d are eliminated.

St1 & St 2: we have two equations and two variable. By solving, we get a =80, b = 20. Therefore, a – b = 60. SUFFICIENT. Option E eliminated.

Hence Option C is the answer.

#way2:  Arrange in SuperSet:

After ascertaining the Prompt analysis, arrange the statements in the superset. It gives you the gist of the question in which range may your answer lie. Taking another question from DS to exemplify:

Q2. In a retail store, the average (arithmetic mean) sale for month M was d dollars. Was the average (arithmetic mean) sale for month J at least 20 percent higher than that for month M?

(1) For month M, total revenue from sales was $3,500.

(2) For month J, total revenue from sales was $6,000.


On Sunday morning, a printing press printed its newspapers at a constant rate from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM. How many newspapers did the printing press print on Sunday morning?

(1) The printing rate on Saturday morning was twice that of Sunday morning.

(2) On Saturday morning, the printing press ran at a constant rate from 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM, stopped for a half hour, and then ran at the same constant rate from 3:30 AM to 5:30 AM, printing a total of 4,000 newspapers.


The rate of printing = total number of paper printed (N)/ time taken(T). Duration is given as 3 hours but we cannot assume it to be 3 hrs coz we do not have the exact value of the working hours. There could be a stoppage in between as well.


The rate can be a positive number ranging from 0 to infinity.


In order to know the value of rate, we need exact value of N and T or any equation or relation that can lead us to find the value of N and T or rate also.


St 1: rate on Saturday = rate on Sunday x 2. NOT SUFFICIENT. Hence option a and d is eliminated.

St 2: rate on Saturday = 4000/ ( 2+2) = 1000. NOT SUFFICIENT as it cannot help us to find the rate on Sunday. Hence option a, b and d are eliminated.

ST 1 & ST 2: from statement 2 we know the rate on Saturday. Putting the value in the equation in statement 1 we get

Rate on Sunday = rate on saturday/2 = 1000/2 = 500. ANSWER

Hence option C

#way3: Translate the Statement:

With every question, you need to translate the question and make notes accordingly. It increases your question-solving speed as you need not read the questions over and over. It saves your time and energy. 

Q3. If 6∗x∗y=x2∗y+9∗y6∗x∗y=x2∗y+9∗y, what is the value of my?

(1) y–x=3y–x=3

(2) x3<0

Eleven members of Club A are also members of Club B, and five members of Club B are also members of Club C. How many members of Club A are also members of Club C?

(1) Club B has 16 members.

(2) Exactly two people from Club C are also members of Club A




The question mark can hold any whole number


To find, we need exact value or any relation that can lead us to find the value



ST 2 : = 2 ANSWER.

Hence option  B

#Way4: Form statement of Analysis:

While forming the Statement of Analysis, never involve the two statements simultaneously during solving. It may lead to confusion which directly effects your speed and unnecessary will eat up your extra time. Consider one statement at a time. It will benefit you as it makes problem-solving easier and can be done within time.

The symbol R represents one of the following operations: 5R2? addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.

What is the valu5R2?

(1) 2R5 = 10

(2) 5R5 = 25

Prompt Analysis

R can be + or – or x or /


R can take + or – x or /


In order to find R we need to know exact operator or any relation with R as operator to identify R


ST1: 2R5 = 10. Put R as + we get 7, – we get -3 x we get 10 and / we get 0.4. Hence R =  x. ANSWER Hence B, C E are eliminated.

ST 2: 5R5 =25. Put R as + we get 10, – we get 0 x we get 25 and / we get 1. Hence R =  x. ANSWER.

A eliminated

Option D

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