Which Is Easier GMAT Or GRE?

Pursuing a graduate management degree from a reputed business school is a gratifying experience for a management aspirant. It is interesting to note that the GMAT or GRE scores are accepted by more than 1,200 MBA programs for securing admissions in well-known business schools around the world. This is indeed a piece of good news for management aspirants as you have a wide array of options to choose from.

The GMAT is not the only test to get an admission in a B-school anymore. Even before you take up the test, you can conduct your own research and discover which business schools of your interest are accepting either GMAT or GRE scores. You can locate the admission details in the Admissions section of the websites of various B-schools. Likewise, you can compare between the GRE and GMAT structure and judge which is the right choice for you.

In April 2018, the structure of the GMAT exam had undergone a few changes. The Quantitative Aptitude section came down from 37 questions in 1 hour, 15 minutes to 31 questions in 1 hour, 2 minutes. Similarly, the Verbal Ability section dropped from 41 questions in 1 hour, 15 mins to 36 questions in 1 hour, 5 minutes. The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) which is the governing body of the GMAT exam reduced the overall exam time of the entire test from 4 hours to roughly 3 hours and 7 minutes (excluding breaks). You can also opt for two 8-minute long breaks which are due according to the GMAT section order that you can choose per your convenience.

Choosing between GMAT or GRE for MBA admission or any other graduate management program to a business school of repute can be a tricky situation for you. Let’s explore the possibilities of taking either of the tests to know which test best suits your requirement and which is easier to crack – GMAT or GRE?


The Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) is administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). It is a computer-adaptive test which tests a candidate’s quantitative, reading and verbal abilities, integrated reasoning and writing skills in the English language. The GMAT exam consists of four sections along with duration for each section:

  1. Quantitative section – 62-minutes
  2. Integrated Reasoning section – 30 minutes
  3. Verbal section – 65 minutes
  4. Analytical Writing section with one essay – 30 minutes

The overall score of the GMAT ranges from 200 to 800 in 10-point increments.

Now the question is, “Who takes GMAT?” It is 3 hours and 7 minutes (without breaks) test taken by test takers to seek admission in various business schools across the globe. The total duration might go up if candidates want to take two 8-minute optional breaks between the sections. The registration fee of the test is US $250. The validity of the GMAT score is usually 5 years.


The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS) which is a private nonprofit assessment and testing organization. It is a standardized online test which assesses the candidates’ analytical writing, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning skills.

The next question which pops up is, “Who takes GRE?” Management aspirants need to take this test for securing admission to graduate management programs in the United States. The GRE Test has 6 sections with three major divisions along with the duration of each section:

  1. Analytical Writing: 60 minutes
  2. Verbal Reasoning: Two 30-minute sections containing 20 questions each
  3. Quantitative Reasoning: Two 35-minute sections containing 20 questions each
  4. Experimental and research section: 30-35 minutes which can be either be verbal or math.

The GRE quantitative and verbal sections are scored on a scale of 130-170 in 1-point increment for each of the two sections. The registration fee of the test is US $205. It is 3 hours and 45 minutes test and you can take a 10- minute break after the third section. The GRE score is valid for 5 years.

GMAT or GRE Scores for MBA Programs:

Admission trends across the globe are clearly depicting that various B-schools are considering applications from applicants with more than just a business background. Quite intriguing, but GMAT is not the only test in today’s era which is being taken into consideration for seeking admission in business schools globally. GRE also acts as a game-changer in seeking admission to a graduate management program in colleges/universities across the United States. As a matter of fact, the GMAT or GRE are completely two different tests and drawing a line of comparison between them holds no good. In order to get the most of your score in either of the test, you would need to research the B-schools of your choice and check which test is more acceptable by each of them and what are the score ranges that these schools require for admission.

GMAT Or GRE: Which One to Choose?

On a general note, the GMAT is the right choice for candidates who have strong academic profiles in quantitative and analytical skills, knowledge in data interpretation and can solve complicated problems. GMAT Quant section is a little daunting and may seem difficult to many. Unlike, the GRE math section which is pretty simple and includes a calculator for all the quantitative questions. On the other hand, if candidates who struggle with the nuances of verbal ability like vocabulary and style, may find the GRE section to be quite challenging. Having said that, we don’t claim that the GMAT verbal section is easier to attempt. In reality, both the tests have their own set of odd questions, it completely depends on the capability of the test taker and how well he/she can excel the test in all the sections and record a good score.

No matter whichever test you choose, it is important that you’ll need to prepare thoroughly in order to score well and seek admission to a B-school of your interest. At BYJU’s, we offer full-length mentorship program and training for both GMAT and GRE exams and help you in every step of your preparation. BYJU’s GMAT is one of the best GMAT preparation programs which aids you in preparing for the test with additional guidance from India’s top GMAT trainers and helps you in acing the GMAT exam in flying colours.

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