Why MBA for Changing Your Engineering Domain?

Engineering after MBAEvery year thousands of engineering colleges are producing lakhs of engineers from the domain likes B.E., B.Tech., B.Mech.etc. Some of them become engineers to fulfill their aspirations while the rest to behest their parents will. Generally, we cater several queries of students’ like “ What is the Scope of MBA after engineering?”, “ I don’t want to continue my job as an engineer, do MBA will be good option?”, “What are the career options available after pursuing engineering?’. Based on that we have classified students by the specialization they attained during studies and job profile they’re working.

Similarly, various other reasons could be enlisted. In this cut throat competition age, one professional degree is not enough to survive through. Usually, students decide to go for an MBA, immediately after completing the bachelor’s degree or after gaining two-three years of working experience. An MBA after two -three years of working experience offers more career stability and high pay packets. Meanwhile, MBA after graduation is a uphill task since you’re new to the industry and not much aware of the managerial traits. No wonder! An MBA  course after engineering is value added course. Let’s count the steps which will lead you to the peak of your career.

  1. Career Growth: An MBA assures career growth. Post-MBA enables changes in work profile, for eg. with an engineering degree you’ll be working at Assistant Engineer’s post and with an MBA you’ll become an integral part of the middle-level management hierarchy.
  2. Hike in salary: Indeed, an MBA fosters your career graph and increases your compensation simultaneously. As a junior assistant engineer, you might be earning some decent amount per annum, after MBA your current compensation could be get doubled or even tripled.
  3. Network Building: One company can’t accomplish all your necessities; you may need some changes in specific time, like job role, growth, monetary needs or designations. And to fulfill those working professionals switch their company to another, so an MBA could help in network building since all your former MBA classmates will be placed in the renowned corporate houses.
  4. Exposure: Once you started building a network, you will be exposed to new professional challenges and meets which relatively affect your communication skill, increase your thinking capabilities.

MBA course is a unique course as it is a highly human interactive. On the other end, it enables your creative thinking process in terms of imagining, planning and accommodating human minds to work for a common goal. And managing human minds is way too tricky and challenging than fixing spare parts of a machine or encoding or decoding machine languages.

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