Why You Should Work Before Pursuing an MBA?

‘Which company is going to hire me?’ ‘What salary packages will they be offering? Will it be advantageous to accept that?’ or ‘Should I go for an MBA and then join some company!’ these are the few questions you may struggle with during the last semester of your undergraduate program.
Work before MBA

Well, if you’re looking to acquire an MBA immediately after your undergraduate degree then we would recommend you to stop! You must first begin working in an organization, for at least a minimum of four years and then commence your journey of MBA. After acquiring a few years of work experience, you can begin applying for admissions to international b-schools for the pursuance of an MBA after qualifying your GMAT exam.

The main advantage of gaining work experience first then pursuing MBA is whether it is at IIM-Ahmedabad in India or Harvard Business School (HBS) in US, both the B-schools count the areas of achievement gained during while you worked in the organization. It gives a lift to your profile and enhances your resume. There are other benefits which you’ll get after becoming a working professional while pursuing the MBA course.

Higher Confidence Level:

If you’ve a few years of experience, you’ll be confident. Because, your past experiences will help you in learning new managerial skills, and you can hone your skills with authentic and accurate knowledge. While most freshers will only be able to learn about certain skills theoretically you will have practically experienced many situations and will be aware on how to deal with the same. You would have already gained exposure to working with individuals from different backgrounds and will have learned valuable people management skills as well. You will have been entrusted with various responsibilities at your job and therefore have gathered relevant knowledge.

You Can Reach the World’s Top B-schools:

As we discussed earlier, the top b-schools prefer candidates with work experience, as management studies are oriented towards corporate culture. Therefore, your prior work experiences give you an edge over non-working professionals. And through the GMAT test, you can embark to any of the premier B-schools across the globe. The admissions committee of most of the universities looks to admit candidates who are versatile, competent and can add diversity to their campus. They do not look for individuals with only academic intelligence. You can include the various achievements you have made in your career so far which could act as a compelling reason for the adcom to consider your application for admissions. They believe that with work experience the candidates also bring with them a superior sense of understanding and maturity which they would have gained over the years and the business acumen associated with the role as well.

More Focused on Career:

Since you have work experience for a couple of years, therefore it will be easy to ascertain which profile your interests lie in. This will assist you to choose the career you want which will meet your expectations for future endeavours. You will now have a clear idea on which path your career must continue in. You even have the choice to change your fields if you would like to do so. As you would have a definite idea about your career you will find it an easy task to select the specialization for your MBA program.

Financial Stability:

When you have been working for a couple of years you would automatically have a better savings arrangement when compared to someone with lesser or no years of experience. Pursuing an MBA abroad is an expensive affair and you will need to be prepared for it appropriately. It is therefore wise to gain financial stability before you commence your MBA journey. Sometimes your employers would also help in funding your MBA program to an extent. You will have to do appropriate research to find out which option could be the most beneficial for you.

Better Understanding of the Course Subjects:

You would have practical knowledge of various situations you may have come across during your work experience. This would aid you during your course of study since the MBA program is designed in such a way so that the experienced candidates will be able to relate to the same in a better manner. You will thus possess a competitive edge over other candidates. Gaining work experience before your MBA program also enables you to cultivate the soft skills which are of immense importance. Although they may seem insignificant they certainly play a huge role at later stages.

Promises Higher Salary Packages:

Your work experience along with a Master’s degree in MBA adds up more points when you attend an interview. You’ll be highly preferred by the recruiters from big corporate houses. You will be offered mid to high level managerial positions which helps to boost your career graph exponentially. If you have completed an MBA degree at one of the best GMAT colleges then you can rest assured that some of the most renowned companies will be ready to recruit you the instant you complete your MBA degree. Certainly, with such high profile job roles you will also receive a huge pay package as well. In addition to these lucrative job offers you will also have some added benefits and perks which you would receive as a Manager in the company.

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