GRE Quantitative Books for Getting top Score

The GRE quantitative aptitude section is easy to crack provided that you use the right study materials and guides for practice and preparation. There are numerous books available on the internet and in the market, which claim to be the best for the GRE quantitative aptitude preparation. But the truth is not all books are good; some books are not only a wastage of money but of time as well. Choosing the correct book is as important as the preparation itself. Before you decide to spend money to buy the books, it is important to know about the various sections of the GRE quantitative aptitude.

The questions appearing in the quantitative aptitude section of GRE primarily fall into four categories:

  1. Data Analysis: It includes Graphs, Probability, Tables, Statistics, Distribution data, and Charts.
  2. Geometry: It includes Lines & Angles, Circles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, 3D figures, and Polygons.
  3. Arithmetic: The topics included are Fractions, Decimals, Ratios, Percentages, and Numbers along with their properties.
  4. Algebra: The topics are – Coordinate Geometry, Linear Equations, and the Quadratic Equations.

The book that is chosen to ace the quantitative aptitude section should contain all these topics in great depth with ample questions ranging from easy to challenging ones. Tips and tricks for improving the efficiency should also be provided in the book only then it can be considered as a good book for a well-rounded preparation. A single book may not be able to satisfy all your needs, so you may need to take up other books as well. You may have to gather knowledge from different sources in order to prepare well for the exam. Here is a list of books, which can be used for effective preparation of the GRE Quantitative Aptitude section:

Official GRE Value Combo by ETS

This economical two-book bundle contains Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions and Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions. There are more than 300 GRE test questions in both of these books collectively, which are arranged on the basis of question type and difficulty level. Explanations and answers for every question are also given in this book. Plus an overview of the GRE Analytical measure with sample scored essays, sample writing tasks, and writing strategies are also provided. The test taking strategies are also mentioned by the ETS itself that are helpful in scoring high marks in the Exam.

GRE Math Review – ETS

This book is helpful in building a strong foundation as it will make you more familiar with the mathematical skills that are required to tackle the Quantitative Reasoning section of the GRE exam. Many practice questions are provided along with the answers at the end of every section of the book. The properties and examples that are given are also helpful in developing a better understanding of the mathematical concepts. The best part about this book is that it is available online free of charge. Here is the link to the ETS Maths Review.

Manhattan GRE Prep Guides

The publishers of Manhattan GRE Prep Guides provide a separate book for each topic. So, all you have to do is find out your weak section and refer to this book as each volume of the book focuses on a particular subsection. This book provides an elaborate explanation of concepts related to various topics, accompanied with the practice sets. This approach leads to a better understanding and preparation of all the topics that are asked in the GRE. Moreover, the questions in this book tend to be tougher than the questions that are usually asked in GRE. So, if you can get high scores in the practice tests that are provided in this book, then your chances of getting a top score in the actual exam are quite high.

Barron’s GRE

This book is the most beneficial for someone who wants a comprehensive skills brush-up all in one easy book package. Barron’s GRE will orient you to all sections of the test, help you to quickly review concepts you don’t fully remember, and give you a bunch of practice questions. In addition to providing sample questions and teaching the skills you need to solve the problems, this book also teaches tricks/strategies for having an easier GRE experience. Strategies such as identifying “traps” in questions, learning how to apply logic to solve many math questions rather than using conventional methods for solving them are taught in detail in this book.

Kaplan GRE Math Workbook

This book is very helpful in providing core maths concepts. It contains hundreds of practice questions with detailed answers. Many tactics and score increasing strategies are also given in this book, making it a good book for quant preparation.

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