Best 50 Colleges To Pursue Masters in Computer Science


Best Colleges To Pursue Masters in Computer Science

The present era is incomplete without computers and its technologies as they are everywhere and in everything. There is not even a single industry, right from entertainment to healthcare and education or from economy to transportation and numerous other sectors that don’t involve the use of computers and its latest technologies. The technology related to computers and its applications is changing and advancing regularly, and undoubtedly it will develop even more in the future.

Computer Science has managed to fascinate a lot of people because of the scope of research and the tough problems that it solves. The room for improvement is always there as is the demand for high-quality research. A lot of math loving students tend to pursue this course post their GRE Exam. With an average salary of US$80,000 per annum for fresh graduates, Master of Science in Computer Science continues to be the most desirable degree for a lot of students.

Having a master’s degree in computer science prepares students to advance their career in technology. A lot of jobs can be found in the website of the company, and having a MS degree sets you apart from the crowd.

Here we bring you the rankings of top 50 universities across the United States, taking the academic reputation of the school in full consideration along with the research focus and the average salary of recently graduated students. Since different schools have different strengths when it comes to masters in computer science engineering, hence it is important for the candidates to do a quick research based on their interests before deciding.

Best Colleges For Pursuing Masters In Computer Science

S. No. Name of the College
1 Stanford University
2 Carnegie Mellon University
3 Georgia Institute of Technology
4 University of California, Berkeley
5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
6 University of Washington
7 Princeton University
8 Cornell University
9 The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
10 University of Pennsylvania
11 The University of Texas at Austin
12 University of Wisconsin-Madison
13 University of Michigan
14 University of Southern California
15 California Institute of Technology
16 University of California, Los Angeles
17 Yale University
18 Columbia University
19 University of California, San Diego
20 University of Maryland, College Park
21 Rice University
22 University of Massachusetts Amherst
23 Harvard University
24 The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
25 Pennsylvania State University, University Park
26 Brown University
27 Duke University
28 Emory University
29 Purdue University
30 University of Virginia
31 Johns Hopkins University
32 The University of Chicago
33 New York University
34 University of California Riverside
35 University of Minnesota
36 University of California, Irvine
37 Georgetown University
38 Northwestern University
39 Ohio State University
40 NYU Tandon School of Engineering
41 Dartmouth College
42 University of California, Santa Barbara
43 Washington State University
44 Stony Brook University
45 University of California, Davis
46 Virginia Tech
47 Texas A&M University
48 Rutgers University
49 Washington University in St. Louis
50 University of Colorado Boulder

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