best countries to do MS


A master’s degree from a reputed college overseas, holds a great value. More so, if it is done from a top notch institute. MS in a technical field is rated very highly by the recruiters. But, the students who have done bachelors in engineering, are often confused which country would be most suited to their needs. There are various factors like cost, school’s reputation, standard of studies, job prospects etc. that must be considered before to make up your mind. So, here are some top counties to get your MS degree from:-

United States –

Thousands of students from all over the world travel to the US, for the purpose getting higher education. Colleges in US are popular for the quality of education they impart. The job prospects after the completion of degree are also really good. Any student interested in doing research gets access to high quality research equipment and also gets to learn from highly qualified researchers. Some of the top US universities offering MS are:-

  • Harvard University
  • Stanford University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • California State University

United Kingdom –

Masters courses in the UK are very popular because of their short and intense nature. Many of the top 100 universities for MS are located in the UK. The students studying in the UK, get to complete their masters within a year. The quality of the course is just as good as the regular 2 year courses. This allows the students to save some money as they have to spend less on tuition fee and cost of living. Some of the top US universities offering MS are:-

  • University of Birmingham
  • University of Nottingham
  • University of Oxford

Germany –

Germany is a world leader in innovations related to engineering. In order, to get admission into a MS program in Germany the students have to prove excellence in the form of academic qualification, research papers etc. Students are allowed to stay back in Germany for 18 months to search for a job. Some of the top German universities offering MS are:-

  • Technical University of Berlin
  • Technical University of Munich
  • University of Bayreuth

Australia –

MS from Aussie universities are highly recognized by recruiters all over the world. Australian degrees can be divided into Professional Development Masters, Professional Masters and Traditional Academic Masters. Professional Development Masters degrees provide opportunity to a student to specialize in an area of his choice. The admissions are provided on the basis of tests like IELTS, TOEFL etc. If any student wishes to settle in Australia then he will get Australian PR quicker than he would in any other nation. A few of the popular Australian colleges offering MS –

  • University of Adelaide
  • Queensland university of Technology
  • University of Sydney

Canada –

There is large community of Indian students who are pursuing masters from Canada. The Canadian colleges are full of students from diverse backgrounds. There are many reputed universities offering MS courses. The cost of living in Canada is also quite low as compared to other top MS destinations. There are various scholarships that are provided to students from foreign countries based on merit. Some of the top Canadian universities offering MS are:-

  • University of Toronto
  • University of Ottawa
  • University of Alberta

Here are some top universities for MS in the field of mechanical engineering-

  1. Georgia Institute of Technology
  2. Purdue University
  3. University of Florida
  4. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  5. University of Michigan
  6. MIT
  7. Ohio State University
  8. Pennsylvania State University
  9. Stevens Institute of Technology
  10. Texas A&M University at College Station 

Step-Wise Admission Process for MS from abroad:

Step 1: Select a course

There are many specialized courses provided in MS in fields like Mechatronics, Automobile & Automotive courses, Computer Sciences and Energy Studies. Do some research on which is the best university for the course you want to do!


There is a lot of competition for admission in top foreign universities. Expertise in a subject is required along with a strong academic background. Candidates who have done research work are given more preference for admissions. That’s why students with a good GRE score tend to have an additional advantage over students without a GRE/GATE score. Target 310+ score to increase your chances of getting an admission significantly.

Step 3: Choose a University

After you have your GRE score in hand, narrow down on the universities based on:

  1. Research interest
  2. Budget
  3. Profile

Step 4: Get in touch with Professors

Talk to the professors in the university, who work in the department of your interest. Especially those, who back your ideas for research.

Step 5: Transcript Attestation

Some foreign universities require you to get your undergraduate transcripts attested from the foreign embassy that country located in India. Depending on the state you have studied in, the number of days required to attest your college transcripts may vary.

Step 6: Letter Of Intent

Some universities overseas require you to submit a Letter of Intent, telling them why you are passionate about the course and qualified to pursue a Master’s degree.

Step 7:  Learn a foreign languageg>

Improve proficiency in the language that is predominantly spoken in the particular country, from which you want to do MS. Take a crash course and aim for A-1 grade.

Step 8: Resume

Prepare a Resume that outlines your qualifications and achievements.

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