Recommended Books for GRE Quantitative Aptitude

GRE Quantitative Books

The new revised syllabus of GRE quantitative aptitude is easy to crack provided you have the correct amount of preparation and practice, using the right study materials and guides. There are numerous books available on the internet and in the market, which claim to be the best to prepare for the GRE quantitative aptitude. However we must be cautious of books which are not apt for our preparation since choosing the correct book is as important as the GRE preparation itself. Before you make a decision and spend money buying the books, it is important to know the various sections of the GRE quantitative reasoning.

The questions appearing in the quantitative aptitude of GRE primarily falls into four categories:

  1. Data Analysis: It includes Graphs, Probability, Tables, Statistics, Distribution data, and Charts.
  2. Geometry: It includes Lines & Angles, Circles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, 3D figures, and Polygons.
  3. Arithmetic: The topics covered are Fractions, Decimals, Ratios, Percentage, and Numbers along with their properties.
  4. Algebra: The topics are- Coordinate Geometry, Linear Equations, and the Quadratic Equations.

The book chosen to prepare for the quantitative aptitude should contain all these topics in great depth with ample questions ranging from easy to challenging ones. It also needs to have practice questions with fantastic tips and tricks to solve the questions, and then only it can be considered a good book. Since a single book cannot provide you with everything, therefore you will need to take up at least two to three books to prepare well for the exam. Please find below a list of books which can assist you with paving a smooth path to your dream grad school.

  1. ETS – GRE Official GRE Value Combo– This $20 book contains hundred and ninety-six pages, which includes the topics of both verbal and quant.
  2. ETS MATHS REVIEW: This book emerges from the hand of the creators of GRE and hence the questions are very similar to the GRE exam pattern itself.
  3. MANHATTAN GRE Prep Books: This is not a single book but a set of books based on each topic. So even though this book is elaborate it helps ease your preparation for the exam.
  4. Barron’s Guide: This book is highly beneficial as it looks into every minute detail and concept. The methods provided are magnificent and can save a lot of your time on the D-day, but it lacks in practice sets.
  5. Kaplan GRE Math Workbook: The drawback of Barron’s Guide are the advantages of this book. It contains splendid exercise sets, ranging questions on a spectrum of easy to extremely tough and makes you completely ready for the final day.

Try working through these books, and you can ace the Quantitative section of the GRE exam easily.

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