Best MBA Programs Country Wise

MBA in France

France enjoys a top position among candidates who want to pursue their MBA degree. France with its diverse culture and rich heritage has a lot to offer for the students studying at its universities. It gives a chance to learn the language which is the third most spoken language in the world next only to English and Mandarin.  The French boast of a superior higher education system and the government also encourages the same and spends about 20% on higher education. There are many world famous business schools like HEC Paris and INSEAD which find a place in the top 20 colleges for Business education. The job opportunities for the aspirants’ post completion of their degree are also plenty. France has a plethora of industries where they have made their presence felt and there are many job options available for the candidates.  The individuals will be able to build a strong and fruitful career in France which is also home to many top companies like Airbus, Total, Alcatel, LVMH etc. Therefore it is a wise idea to apply for an MBA at the universities in France many of which also accept GRE scores.

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MBA in Spain

Spain is a unique choice of country to pursue one’s MBA.  One of the primary reasons many students opt to study MBA post their GRE is because Spain’s admission requirements are relatively lower when compared to its Europe counterparts. Although if a candidate does have high GRE scores, GPA etc it would help to make a striking impression with the admissions committee. It gives an opportunity for the students to learn a new language and embrace the culture in Spain as well which is famous for being vibrant and warm.  The students will also gain good exposure in Spain due to a diverse classroom atmosphere. Spain boasts of premier B-schools such as ESERP Business School, EU Business School, and IESE Business School. The above schools have been ranked in the Financial Times and the graduate’s salaries from these universities exceed 100,000 Euro per year. Studying in Spain gives your CV an extra edge while applying for jobs post completion of your degree. Spain also offers a number of different MBA specializations to choose from like: MBA in International Relations, MBA in Global Banking and Finance etc.  

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MBA in China

Many students have started a shift in focus from West to East mainly due to the vast prospects and the booming job market China offers. This has indeed caused many students to prefer pursuing their MBA at China. There are many advantages to studying in China and we list some of them below.  China is home to multiple multinational firms like Huawei, Lenovo, Alibaba etc providing ample options to the students when they graduate. One can be assured of securing a well-paying job with great career growth as well. China is the second largest economy in the world and there has been a swift growth in divisions like Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Financial Services. Some of the best universities in China: like CEIBS, HKUST, and CUHK provide employment choices with many top companies to its students post-graduation. The average salary earned by MBA graduates is on par with students graduating from Harvard. In addition to the above, studying at China gives you the opportunity to learn Chinese (Mandarin) the most spoken language in the world.

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MBA in Canada

Canada has become the top destination for MBA for a lot of candidates who have cleared their GRE exam. This is especially because of the numerous benefits which Canada offers to the students studying at its universities. The standard of education provided is the best and the aspirants gain immense knowledge over the course of their study. Canada welcomes international students by ensuring simpler immigration laws and they are more welcoming to add diversity to their country when compared to the stringent rules of the United States and other destinations. The visa requirements for Canada are relatively more flexible when compared to other countries as well. In addition to the above Canada also grants a 3-year post grad work permit. After which when a candidate completes one year of employment he/she can apply for permanent residency. The hospitality and the cultural diversity present in Canada are unparalleled. There are many top universities like -Rotman Business School in Toronto, the Schulich School of Business at York and Queens School of Business which are among the highest ranked universities in any MBA rankings. Many of the Canadian universities also prefer to induct international students to its universities so that they can bring in more revenue. Canada also has a strong economy which assures the students completing their Masters Degree excellent job prospects. Toronto is a hub for many businesses and therefore recruiters from across the globe are present here. This gives an excellent opportunity to secure a job according to one’s competency and skills.

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It would be fair to state that the USA is the most preferred place where any candidate would want to pursue his Masters degree. With its top-notch universities, the best professors/faculty, plentiful job opportunities and many more such influencing factors it is no doubt that there has always been a lot of competition to gain admissions into an MBA university in the USA. The US economy is the world’s largest single economy. Several of the world’s top companies like – Apple, Microsoft, Google, E-Bay PayPal and Johnson & Johnson are headquartered here. It is also home to plenty of small businesses as well. The standard of the faculty is the finest in the world and comprises of veteran professors in their respective fields. There is an abundance of universities and specializations to choose from for any candidate. Therefore it is recommended one does adequate research before finalizing on the university and the specialization of MBA he/she would like to study. There are several top-tier MBA institutions spread across the US like – Stanford Graduate School of Business, Harvard Business School, Kellogg School of Management – Northwestern University, Columbia Business School which also feature in the top US universities for MBA. The average annual salaries of graduates from these universities are between US$100,000 and US$120,000.

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Studying in the UK will give you a chance to experience studying in leading institutions amidst a picturesque ambience. Most colleges in the UK offer a one year MBA program which can also be pursued as a part-time program for over 2-3 years. An MBA from the UK holds high value and has international recognition. There are varied options available from which the candidate can choose the stream they are interested in. Some of the top universities in the UK are- Oxford, Cambridge, University College London and Imperial College London.

Once you complete your graduation you also gain a chance to become a part of the extensive alumni of the university. This will, in turn, assist you to establish contacts to help with job opportunities and gain access to a wide business network.

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