Who Can Pursue Ph.D.?

When it comes to pursuing Ph.D., the first question we witness is ‘Are we eligible to pursue Ph.D.?’, ‘What are the academic qualifications required to pursue Ph.D.?’. Universities usually require its Ph.D candidates to complete their undergraduate degree in first or upper second class honors. If you are planning to get a Ph.D. degree after your Masters degree then your undergraduate CGPA score won’t affect your chance of getting selected.

There are a few prerequisites for Ph.D. but one should not worry if they don’t fulfill these requirements, Since these aren’t the only criteria to apply for a Ph.D. There are some special cases and if you can make use of these opportunities then you can easily get into your dream college. Some of these special cases are:

  • Strong Research Projects: If you have strong practical experience in your graduate or undergraduate school then it can be treated as a special case and you may get selected for the Ph.D program.
  • Acquiring Strong Letters of Recommendation From Potential Professors: If your previous institute teacher/ professor can write a strong letter of recommendation favoring you then these recommendation letters can overshadow the deficiency of grades up to a certain extent.

Nonetheless, what we actually mean to say here is if your grade card is not too great, then it does not mean that just by taking a single peek at your GRE scores or your CGPA score they will deter your application. You will surely get a chance to show your potential that you can be an exceptional research scholar.

Doctorate courses need the candidates to have a relevant Masters and Bachelor’s degree from a renowned university. It also requires them to have work experience and English proficiency Test scores. If you are new to research then there is a high chance that you would be asked to complete a course of M.Phil. or M.Res. before you can actually be selected as a researcher. You might even be asked to take some of the courses being taught at the university before embarking on your career as a Ph.D. research scholar. There are interviews held to gain admissions to Ph.D for some universities. Hence, it is important that before choosing your career in Ph.D. you and your supervisors are in close contact.

Ph.D. is for people who are passionate about their field of study and bring a difference to the world with their work but most importantly, completing a Ph.D. with flying colors needs lots of patience and self-motivation. So, if you are passionate and want to become a lecturer, a researcher, a scientist or work independently then Ph.D. is the choice of career that you should actually go for.

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