Cost of MS in Germany

Cost of MS in Germany

Germany has become the top choice for students willing to pursue their Masters Degree abroad at an affordable price, all thanks to the German government who provide subsidized cost of education. Most of the German universities provide free education, that is, subsidized education. Government-funded universities are cheap, whereas the private universities are more expensive as they’re funded by the tuition fees only. The state-sponsored universities now just charge a semester subscription fee of around 150 euros. This is inclusive of a student ticket for transport purposes valid for a duration of 6 months. The students can use it for buses and trains.

In order to obtain a student visa for entry into Germany, the student has to show proof of available finances for a duration of one year or one month(725 euro). The proof can be established either through balance in bank accounts or fixed deposits.

Even though the education is subsidized and least expensive yet there are many expenses you need to look after while pursuing masters in Germany. Here, we present a complete analysis of the cost of MS in Germany. The overall cost can be divided into two categories:

Education Cost

While the tuition fee has been entirely abolished in state-run universities, they still charge a minimal fee for paper works, maintaining playgrounds, buildings, etc. The students are required to pay a semester contribution fee ranging from 170 Euros to 550 Euros per semester, depending entirely on the university. This fee includes your transportation costs; up to a certain radius from the university; for your entire semester.

Living Cost

While pursuing a Masters Degree in Germany, the following are the major components of living cost.

Accommodation: Usually, the students live in FlatShares. In a FlatShare, the students share the kitchen, bathroom and the living area, though they have their personal room for sleeping, studying and other personal activities. The cost of FlatShare ranges from 170 Euros to 400 Euros. The rents vary from city to city. The cost of a FlatShare in Kaiserslautern is around 170 euros, while the cost of a flat in Munich can be around 500 euros.

Health Insurance: It is compulsory for the students to have a public health insurance that may cost you around 80 euros per month.

Food and Groceries: The groceries may cost you around 80-100 euros per month to live a comfortable lifestyle. If you wish to eat regularly at the college canteen, then add an additional 50 Euros to the monthly bill.

Telephone: To have a good postpaid or prepaid plan with data, it may cost around 10-20 Euros per month.

Other expenses: Apart from the above mentioned mandatory costs, here are a few expenses depending on the lifestyle you choose:

If you love partying on a regular basis that involves drinks, cigars, and entry to pubs, then add an additional of 60 to 100 Euros on the monthly bills.

While a meal in the university canteen costs you around 2.5 to 5 Euros, lunch or a dinner in a restaurant would cost in between 6 to 20 euros.

Clothing: Clothes are not expensive in Germany. Stores offer many schemes per month.

Trips: If you plan on exploring and traveling to new places then Europe presents you with vast options.

Hence, after adding all the necessary expenses, you will be spending around 480 Euros per month. If you spend an extra of 60-80 Euros each month; excluding the trips then your monthly expenditure would be nearly 480 + 80 = 560 Euros.

Germany is a great choice to pursue your Masters Degree also because of the vast availability of scholarships. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research provides over $240 million in scholarship money to students who take part in research. The DAAD lists a total of over 200 scholarships awarded to foreign students, while DeutschlandSTIPENDIUM provides assistantship of 300 euros per month for upto a year of study for the students. For more information on scholarships in Germany, click here.

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