DAAD, Application procedure

German Academic Exchange Service is the complete name of DAAD in English. Though it may confuse everyone that the abbreviation DAAD does not match with its name and that is because DAAD is the abstract of the German name Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst. DAAD was found on 1st January 1925 but in 1945, it got sealed for some unexplainable reasons. Though in 1950, after almost 5 years, it was re-established and till date, it is running successfully. DAAD is a self-ruling and federally financed private adjuvant organization providing support to international students.

It is important to understand that DAAD is not an educational institute, but it surely provides support and superintendence to prepare appropriately for studying in Germany. DAAD is representative of approximately 365 German preparation Institutions including Science colleges, Technical Universities, and art colleges as well.

How Is Daad Helpful?

DAAD is an organization that provides merit-based scholarships per year for studying in Germany. It offers approximately 200 different scholarships for international students. On an average DAAD annually gives out scholarships of approximately 400 million Euros and supports almost fifty thousand students in pursuing their education.

Procedure To Request For Scholarship

The process may vary according to the grant selected but the basic procedure remains the same for all grants. The steps to be followed are:

  1. Register on the portal of DAAD for online application.
  2. Choose a name from the selected grant module
  3. You will now be able to access the grant database during www.funding-guide.de and will find the choice of “Application portal”.
  4. The add-on is manifested showing grant sold. It is visible usually for those grant programs when DAAD opens it.
  5. If you are still facing any technical issue then you can write to DAAD at portal@daad.de
  6. At the time of submission of your application, the candidates are required to submit some documents as well. The list of documents can be clarified through a call. Along with the application form, these papers will be uploaded as well. Since there is a well-developed box available for reference and work samples, therefore candidates don’t need to upload it online.
  7. In some cases, the candidates will need to submit education certificates as well.

If you are planning on studying in Germany and if you fulfill the criteria of DAAD then you can easily get a scholarship for your studies through DAAD.

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