What is the Difference Between Computer Science And Computer Engineering?

Computer Science and Computer Engineering though are two similar names but are not synonymous with each other. Before opting a career path, it is important to understand in depth the similarities and differences between these two, as it will help you in deciding your ambition clearly. Therefore once you have completed your GRE exam we would advise you to decide on which specialisation you would like to pursue. Given below are some details regarding Computer Science Engineering and Computer Science.

What Is Computer Science Engineering?

Computer Science Engineering is a combination of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Computer science engineering focuses on all forms of computing, ranging from microprocessors to embedded devices, and from laptops to supercomputers. Since electrical engineering is also a part of the program hence, the course takes into consideration the functioning of microprocessors, their design, optimization techniques; along with the ways the data is communicated among various electronic components. The range of computer science engineering does not stop here as it includes other categories as well such as – the way in which the design and the operation process of a software are expressed in an integrated systems of electronic components; ways in which the software can be written, optimized and compiled for some specific hardware platforms. Hence, it is entirely fair to say that, computer engineers are those electrical engineers who have specialized in software designing, system design or hardware design that integrates both.

What is Computer Science?

The study of processing, storing and communicating data and instructions through computing devices is known as computer science. Computer Science is a contemporary descendant of Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. It deals with the following :

  • algorithms for the symbolic representation of instruction and data,
  • for designing instruction languages for processing the data,
  • innovating techniques for writing softwares which can process data on a variety of computing platforms,
  • reliable procedures for communicating data and network security,
  • organization of data in different types of databases,
  • the imitation of human learning and intelligence through various computer algorithms,
  • And maintaining great databases for the statistical modeling of data for supporting  inference of trends, and methods for protecting the content and credibility of the data.

Therefore, computer scientists are mathematicians or scientists who develop various methods for processing, interpreting and securing the data.

Hence, the biggest difference between Computer Science Engineering and Computer Science is that, Computer science does not contain any concepts related to microprocessors or any other concept shared with Electrical Engineering. Whereas Computer Science Engineering, is an amalgamation of Electrical as well as Computer Science.  

Now it becomes easier to understand that though these two terms seem to be similar yet they hold great differences . Therefore those who are interested in microprocessors or similar electrical engineering concepts should opt for Computer Science Engineering. Likewise individuals who are keen to learn about data storage, interpretation, processing and security should choose Computer Science.

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