Everything I need to know about a Techno-Managerial Masters

The use of technology helps in increasing the quality, efficiency, and capacity of various processes related to business. The role of technology in business has increased immensely over the past few decades, which has led to the emergence of many new careers that require skills related to both these fields. Those who want to make the most of their experience and acquired skills consider pursuing a Masters in Technology Management from a reputable b-school. This course provides IT professionals a platform to gain techno-managerial skills to get promoted to the top-level positions in their organizations. Upon the completion of the course, graduates are required to have a sound knowledge of various technologies and the ability to manage projects. The technology management graduates can also choose to continue their careers in technology-oriented roles with the benefit of having an in-depth knowledge related to the business aspect of technology.

Course Objective

This course has been designed to teach students the application of technology in solving relevant business issues. Students enrolled in this program are made aware of the long-term aspects related to finance and economics. For master’s degree programs in technology management, the students are expected to have a strong technical background. Ideally, the student must possess an undergraduate degree in a field like information systems, software development or computer science. For example, a technician with any managerial background may want to use a great new technology to solve a business challenge, but a technical manager is trained to consider the true costs of acquiring that new technology from a system perspective. These costs could be related to changes in the supply chain, maintenance or licensing fee etc. This program teaches the IT professionals the fundamentals of business, which enables them to think from a business perspective before proposing a technical solution to solve any issue related to the business.

Course Topics

One of the common topics included in the technology management course is technology project and portfolio management. Few IT professionals possess experience related to managing programs that comprise of many related projects. The technology-oriented project management course makes them aware of the elements related to scheduling, quality control, budgeting, and planning, which are helpful for senior leaders to efficiently conduct portfolio management. Another popular topic included in the advanced degree program for technology management is the change in management. Upon identifying a tech-oriented solution to a business problem, the IT manager has to create a plan for a smooth transition of the organization to a new technology without creating any adverse impact on the on-going operations. This course is also helpful in improving interpersonal and leadership skills of the students that are needed for the smooth running of an organization.

Job Prospects

The technology management graduates are generally offered middle or senior level positions. Most graduates with effective project and program management skills have corporate executive level aspirations. The most sought-after jobs by the technology management graduates are of Chief Information Officer and IT director. This degree acts as a great platform for the graduates to get to executive level positions faster than their contemporaries. The graduates may also choose to start their own technological ventures. According to PayScale, the average masters in technology management salary is $95k and the top recruiters are Amazon Inc., The Boeing Company, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Lockheed Martin Corp. etc.

Like most other professionals, the IT professionals should also build on their skills and knowledge over a period of time in order to grow in their careers. These IT professionals can use the skills gained through the masters in technology management to create an impeccable portfolio and build a brand name for themselves.

Given below are some of the popular courses for masters in technology management:

Master’s in Technology Management at Columbia University

  • This program prepares individuals with a strategic mindset, fine-tuned communication skills, and the ability to drive enhanced business performance through the use of technology.
  • Combining distinguished academic faculty and leading practitioners in the field, this programs provides students with an educational experience that is immediately applicable in the workplace.
  • It is tailored for individuals with professional experience and focuses on digital leadership and technology strategy for today’s global environment.
  • There is also an executive master’s in technology management program at Columbia University for individuals with a minimum of five years of experience (10 years or more preferred) looking to assume a CIO, CTO, COO, CEO, or CSO position, or an entrepreneurial role.

MS in Management of Technology at NYU Tandon School of Engineering

The Management of Technology Master of Science Degree program is designed for college graduates and professionals who aim to make a difference in a world where economic and social advancement is increasingly dependent on integrating technology and business.

This program is offered through different modes like on-campus, online and blended learning. In Blended Learning students have the option to take courses both on-campus and online; however, you must apply as either an online or on-campus student. You should apply to whichever format you plan to take the majority of your classes.

Online Master of Professional Studies in Technology Management at Georgetown University

The Masters in Technology Management online program provides students with the tools, skills, and hands-on experience needed to think big, climb the IT career ladder, and lead the technological innovation at distinguished firms and corporations around the world. Georgetown University’s Masters in Technology Management curriculum is a careful balance of theory and practice. This unique degree educates future executive-level technology professionals with classes focused on:

  • Information security trends and other current industry topics
  • Financial analysis
  • Business management and intelligence
  • Enterprise modernization
  • Technology management ethics

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