What Are The Basic Language Requirements To Pursue MS In Germany?

Language Requirements To Pursue MS In Germany

Planning to Pursue your Masters Degree in Germany? You are not alone in your quest. According to recent trends Germany has become one of the most sought after locations to pursue a Masters degree. Therefore after completing the GRE you will have to start applying to various universities for your chosen course. Universities in Germany in addition to other prerequisites like your GRE score, UG portfolio etc also have certain language requirements. These language requirements vary from college to college. There are many colleges that do not even require German language proficiency before enrolling. However, they would require you to have only a basic knowledge of German. Then, once you join the University, you can enroll for German courses and increase your knowledge of the language and incorporate it as a second language.

It entirely depends on the college that you are planning to apply to. Check the requirements of the college, whether the college requires a B2 German level or B1 German level. Description is given as follows:


  1. Level A1: Insignificant to low learning of German: Students can utilize phonetic structures. After the course, you will have the capacity to introduce yourself to other people, ask ordinary inquiries and answer them — e.g. where are you from, where do you live, the general population you know, or the things you possess. Takes approx 6 weeks to finish this accreditation.
  1. Level A2: After this 6 week course, you will be ready to comprehend straightforward data and make short messages. You will have the capacity to understand and utilize many expressions concerning all territories of regular life, e.g. you can give data about yourself and your family, go shopping, depict your work and close environment.


  1. Level B1: On completing this level you will have the capability to comprehend fundamental issues, understand if the discussion is about everyday parts of work, school, relaxation and so forth. You can oversee most circumstances while going to a German-talking nation, give your sentiment on recognizable subjects and individual enthusiasm in a basic and intelligible way, relate encounters and occasions, depict dreams, trusts and objectives and give short clarifications in regards to arrangements and suppositions. Course duration is 6 weeks.
  2. Level B2: This course takes approx 6 weeks to finish. In B2 level, you will be able to understand and convey extensive information in German. You can follow complex texts and express your thoughts clearly and in detail. You will be able to communicate spontaneously and fluently so much that the other speaker doesn’t feel like it’s your second language. Course duration is 6 weeks.


  1. Level C1: On completion of this level you will have the capacity to comprehend expansive ideas of refined longer messages. Furthermore you will be able to recognize suggested implications, convey what you need fluently without having to grab for words, and you will be able to use the language aptly in your social and professional life. This course duration is approx 8 weeks.
  1. Level C2: Excellent level of German proficiency. This course certification makes you as good a German speaker as a native. After the completion of this course, you will be able to read and speak anything in the German language effortlessly. You will be able to express yourself very clearly and summarize information and give credible information on any topic that you want.

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