GRE Verbal Tips and Strategies to Solve AWA

When you approach GRE Analytical Writing ‘keep it short and simple’. That’s the most important tip ever. Frame simple sentences that drive home what you wish to say. AWA is never about diction or your linguistic prowess. Examiners like essays that are content rich. Do not recreate pages from PG Wodehouse books. As a thumb rule, frame short sentences that begin and end with two lines. This ensures that you make minimal mistakes in sentence construction. The longer the sentence, the more probable you are to make mistakes.

Practice writing essays and have a predefined format for your essays. Whatever your topic is, try and have a layout. Most successful AWA scorers have a well-defined format for their two essays. Broadly speaking, have one paragraph to introduce the topic, one paragraph to conclude and a couple of well-structured paragraphs in between.  When you introduce the topic, stick to what is stated and do not add dimensions of your own. Conclude precisely. Always, make time to include a solid conclusion because you might not find time to conclude properly if you spend too much of time in the interim paragraphs.

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If you are stumped at some point of time, try figuring out a way to not lose time thinking. While you are thinking, build a skeletal passage with an introduction, a conclusion and place markers for the rest. The rest will fall into place quickly once you have the skeleton.

Stick to a politically correct stance, language and style. Do not offend those who read it. And even those who don’t read it. It doesn’t bode well when you diss people. In this case, your score will suffer if you are rude and impolite with words.

The text editor you see on the exam day does not have auto correct or spell check. So, you can’t rely on swiggly lines to guide you about what’s right and wrong. You need to be absolutely sure about what you write. We are so used to predictive text and spell check that we take such things for granted. If you are unsure of how a word is spelled, refrain from using it. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Also Read: GRE Verbal Tips and Strategies to Solve AWA

If you don’t have any idea about what is stated in the topic or argument, try to read it once more and puzzle it out. Write a very broad essay on what you think it is about.

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