GRE General Test: Important Documents that You Must Have!


Once you have created an account on the website of ETS, registered for GRE, then your preparation starts. But as important as preparations are, equally important are the documents that are required to be presented before the commencement of the exam. You need to carry these documents, or you won’t be allowed to appear for the exam.

At the time of registration for GRE General Test, ETS will ask you to provide your identification (ID) information. The name you enter should be exactly the same as it appears on the primary identification document (excluding accents) that you are planning on presenting at the test centre. In case of any name discrepancies, you won’t be allowed to resolve it through supplemental IDs.

It is the responsibility of the test takers to carry valid documents (up to date) with them to the exam centre and in the case of absence of proper identification documents, ETS will not be held responsible. The requirement of the document entirely depends on the test centre and country of choice where you wish to appear for your GRE exam.

General ID requirements

In general, the documents presented at the test centre should meet all of these requirements

  • Only original documents are allowed, photocopy of the document is a big NO.
  • The document should be valid on the test date; expired documents will be rejected.
  • Your full name, which was used during registration, should be present in the document.
  • Your recent photograph should be in the document
  • The signature should be present in the document, and it should match.

Primary Identification Documents

  • National ID card
  • Government-issued driver’s license
  • Military ID card
  • Passport
  • State or Province ID card; identity card issued by the motor vehicle agencies are also acceptable.
  • **In India, only passport is accepted as the primary identification document.

What is a Supplemental Identification Document and what is it used for?

Supplemental Identification documents are used as additional ID proofs and work along with the primary identification documents. If the administrator of the test questions your primary ID document or if the primary ID document that you have produced is even though acceptable but does not show your complete name, signature or photograph then you may be asked to present a supplemental ID. The following IDs mentioned can work as supplemental ID.

  • Student ID card
  • Government-issued ID card
  • Confirmation of identity letter issued by the educational institution.

Non- acceptable Documents

  • Employee ID card
  • Debit/credit card of any form
  • Birth certificate
  • Notary-prepared letter or document
  • Any temporary ID
  • International driver’s license
  • International student ID
  • Consulate, diplomatic, or embassy ID card
  • Draft classification card
  • Social Security card
  • Photocopied or expired document
  • Documents that do not have the matching last name as used at the time of registration.

It is important to carry your valid documents to the test centre on the test date to avoid any unwanted stress. BYJU’S will be glad to help you in your GRE preparation journey. You can ask for any assistance related to GRE from us by just giving a missed call at +918884544444, or you can drop an SMS. You can write to us at