GRE Mock Test

What is GRE?

The Graduation Record Examination, commonly known as the GRE test is an online assessment usually taken by many aspirants in order to get admission in most of the Grad schools for their Masters or Ph.D. programs. Much like the other competitive tests like SAT and ACT, this standardized test also mainly focuses on areas like verbal reasoning, analytical creative writing, quantitative reasoning and critical thinking skills to measure the analytical standards of the applicant. A decent score in each section is required in order for the fellowship panel and individual graduation schools to accept an applicant. Along with the GRE scores, other criteria like undergraduate transcriptions, personal recommendations, SOP are a few of the common requirements which are often examined by the Grad schools. There are many mock tests available which gives the applicants an opportunity to prepare well before writing the GRE in order to get a high score and get selected by the best colleges or universities.

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When is the right time to take GRE Mock Test?

It is often seen that students are puzzled about the right time for GRE preparation. Some claim that the best time to begin practice is during the first year of college, while others suggest writing exams like SAT in order to prepare for GRE. The key idea is to begin preparation as soon as possible and since the more one practices mock test papers, the easier it becomes to get a high score in the final test.

The best thing about the GRE is that it is offered all year-round at various Prometric test centers, thus making it easier to select a date and attempt the GRE exam. Also one can take the test once every 21 days and up to five times in a continuous rolling period of 12-months.

Why is GRE Test Important?

For countries like the United States and Canada, A GRE test acts as the basic admission test for all the applicants including the native students. This is because the applicants come from all over the world to be chosen by the top universities in the world. Thus a good/high score on the exam allows a guaranteed entry for the applicants in various universities of their preference.

As the saying goes, ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’, therefore it is advisable to follow certain specific authors book exclusively to practice well for the test.

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