GRE Quant: Common Mistakes To Avoid

The quantitative reasoning section is an important part of the GRE exam. Since this section involves the use of numbers there is a high possibility for errors during computation. Even a small change in numbers can lead to a huge loss of marks in the exam. Therefore it is essential that the candidates are alert while attempting this section. We list below some of the common mistakes which candidates tend to make during the exam and how to avoid the same :

  • Even though it is a Quantitative Reasoning section there are bound to be a few word problems as well. While reading such problems some candidates may overlook certain words or phrases which could change the meaning of the entire problem. It is important to pay attention closely to every phrase (Could be, Must be etc) during the exam.
  • Since the exam has to be completed within a time frame the students have to ensure not to spend too much time on a single question. They will have to make a list of the basic concepts during their GRE preparation (Smallest prime numbers, Formulas related to Geometry, Concepts of real numbers, ratio & percent etc) which is easy to recall so that during the exam they don’t have any difficulty for the same.
  • There should be no room for errors due to assumptions made by the candidate. This would lead to unnecessary loss of marks. Always ensure to write down all the details given in the question before attempting to answer the same. In most cases, the solution for the question can be easily obtained if one reads the question carefully.
  • Almost all students end up losing precious marks due to “silly mistakes”. To avoid these mistakes you should attempt to solve the questions one step at a time. This will also help you to steer clear of missing any important aspects of the problem.
  • While answering the question always keep in mind to mention the units which are mentioned in the question for example if the question is on distance then the answer should be in meters, centimeters, millimeters etc. The appropriate metric system has to be used. Similarly in graphs concentrate on the units, scales, and values in the axes.
  • Improving your handwriting. This may seem like a very trivial aspect but it plays a huge role when you are amidst solving many questions and are unable to read or you misread a number you have written. Computation errors also play a role in the loss of marks in the Quant section.

Avoid these simple mistakes and your performance levels will be enhanced on the D-day.

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