How to Register for GRE?

GRE Registration

GRE has been the most important exam for people who have always dreamt of joining graduate schools abroad for their Masters, but with the increase in the domain of GRE to the B-schools as well, even MBA aspirants have also started preparing for GRE. Preparing for GRE is one thing but registering for it is an issue that needs all facts and doubts cleared so that you won’t face any problems while filling the form or at the time of choosing the center of examination. This article will help to ease the process of registering for your GRE exam.

  • Registration Checklist

Before starting any procedure, it is important to understand all the policies, processes and the fee structure, so that you won’t come across any unwelcome surprises. Make sure you understand each step.

  • Create your ETS Account

Before you can start the GRE registration process, it is compulsory for you to create an account on the official ETS (Educational Testing Services) website. ETS account is necessary not only to book a slot or register for GRE; it is also used for viewing the score and for accessing other services. Before you start creating your account, review relevant info like the name you can use for registering and what can be done in case you will require to change the name.

  • Requirements of ID

It is your responsibility for bringing valid ID proofs to the exam centers. The name on the ID proof, your ETS account and the registered name for the test should be the same.

  • Test Centers and Dates

You can view the available test centers and test dates for the exam. Register according to your comfort. The available seats for computer-based exams can also be seen on the ETS website. But registering for GRE cannot be initiated until you have logged into your GRE account.

  • Registering for the Computer-based Test

Computer-based exam is conducted all year-round and booking a slot is easy. For booking a slot, log into your ETS GRE account and register for the computer-based exam.

  • Registering for the Paper-based test

Paper-based test is conducted just thrice a year and that too only at places where the computer-based exam is not available. Registering for the paper-delivered test is same as the computer-delivered test but with a slight difference in choosing the options. Select paper-delivered test icon on the screen in place of choosing the icon present for the computer-delivered exam.

  • Rescheduling or canceling the test

Rescheduling or cancellation of test can be done four days before the test. A fine money of $50 will be required for rescheduling the test. If you cancel the test, you will get a refund of half of the original fees which was paid.

  • Reporting the score

You can report your score to a maximum of four graduate schools for free, but after that, you need to pay extra $27 for sending your GRE scores.

These are the few essential bits of information before a person starts filling up the form and registering for GRE through the official site of ETS. If you find yourself stuck at some point, don’t lose your composure and look for an answer on the ETS website, as it contains all the authentic information that you may need.

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