GRE Scholarships for Indian Students

GRE Scholarships

Post your GRE test and receiving your GRE scores you will have to next start figuring out how to finance your Masters degree. It is certainly a very expensive ordeal if you plan to study in the US or Europe. There will be costs involving not only education but also living, transportation, food etc. Some may opt for bank loans which would involve high interest rates on your EMI once again proving to be very expensive.

So how does one go about taking care of the MS program expenses? Thankfully there are many institutions which offer scholarships to the worthy candidates based on their GRE scores, their GPA obtained during undergraduate studies, Letters of Recommendations, application portfolio etc. However finally the GRE score is what would be valued the most before any institution offers a scholarship. There are many ways to secure such scholarships and a few of them are given below.

University Scholarships

Quite a few universities give scholarships to candidates who possess a stellar academic record and who can add value to their program and university. There are various criteria for applying for scholarships to different universities ranging from something as simple as clicking a tick mark to writing essays, attending interviews etc. You will have to check regarding the scholarships which are available with the university (i.e) Full scholarships or partial scholarships.

Scholarships for Indian students in USA

  1. Fulbright Foreign Student program – This program is granted to young professionals, graduates who aspire to study abroad. The Fulbright program is operational in more than 155 countries worldwide. The eligibility and selection criteria varies for each country. Some of the major advantages of this scholarship are : J-1 visa support, Round trip economy airfare, accident and sickness coverage.
  2. Microsoft Scholarships (Undergrad) – Microsoft funds students who wish to pursue their masters in Computer Science, Science & Technology streams. The scholarships are awarded to students who display passion in their chosen field be it technology, leadership etc.
  3. Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation – The foundation offers a scholarship programme to Indian students who possess a consistent and exemplary academic record. The PG scholarship amount is upto 20 lakhs interest free loan. It is mainly focussed on students who would like to pursue their studies in the fields of Pure sciences, Applied sciences, Law, Social Sciences and Humanities.
  4. Ivy Parker Memorial Scholarship (2000$, Women only) – The ivy parker scholarship is awarded to women who wish to pursue their bachelor or graduate programs, in the fields of engineering, technology and computer science.
  5. The Generation Google Scholarship – This scholarship was established to assist upcoming students in the fields of computer and technology. The selected students will be granted 10,000 USD (for students studying in US) or 5000 CAD (for students studying in Canada).

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