GRE Scores for Engineering Management

GRE Scores for Engineering Management

Engineering management or popularly known as MEM is the combination of two disciplines; Engineering and Management. It is one of the top courses opted by engineering professionals post their GRE exam. And to pursue this specialization hundreds of students are enrolling themselves in international universities every year. Since it has a wide scope of job opportunities in the crucial job market, many renowned colleges are offering this course to their prospective international students.

What is Engineering Management?

Engineering Management is an interdisciplinary course aimed at enhancing the knowledge of engineering studies and management studies along with improving technical skills. Let’s explain with the help of an illustration: Let’s say an ABC Company, which deals with manufacturing cars, met with a crisis due to sudden failure of a machine worth billions; if you happen to be working there at the time after acquiring MEM, you can repair the machine and can suggest the measures to reduce the cost incurred in the repairing. In this way, you can become an asset to your organization by exhibiting your technical traits and the decision making power you adapted from your management studies. With a MEM, you’ll be posted at higher management level within organizations.

How to get into MEM?

You can seek admission in universities/ institutions who offer the MEM course. US is considered to be the best place for the pursuance of MEM course. But for this, you have to take the standard entry test of GRE General Test. It is conducted by the Examination Testing Service (ETS). The test can be taken from anywhere in the world as it has embarked 160 countries and more than 1000 test centers. Your GRE scores also play an important role in securing an admission in the university of your choice.

Advantages of MEM

A MEM program degree will give you a good understanding of statistical concepts and methods and an ability to apply this knowledge to engineering and management problems. It enhances your understanding of deterministic modeling and the ability to apply this knowledge to engineering management problems including design of experiments (DOE). It enables you to plan, make decisions, implement actions, and measure results related to human resources and capital aspects of engineering management. It helps in creating the ability to function on a multi-disciplinary management team. It hones your skills in diagnosing critical issues,helps in formulating realistic solutions, evaluating alternatives and solving engineering management problems. And it enables to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

List of Universities with GRE Score for Engineering Management

SL No. Universities for GRE Score 290-300
1. Western Michigan University
2. University of Michigan, Dearborn
3. University of Idaho
4. Oakland University
5. Santa Clara University
6. Wayne State University
7. University of Dayton
8. California State University, Northridge
9. California State University, East Bay
10. Florida International University
11. Lawrence Technological University
12. Lamar University
SL No. Universities for GRE Score 300-310
1. University of Oklahoma
2. New Jersey Institute of Technology
3. San Jose State University
4. Northeastern University
5. University of North Carolina, Charlotte
6. University of Maryland, Baltimore County
7. University of Florida
8. Auburn University
9. Kansas State University
10. University of Nebraska, Lincoln
11. Rochester Institute of Technology
12. Stevens Institute of Technology
13. University of Texas, Arlington
14. University of Massachusetts, Lowell
SL No. Universities for GRE Score 310-320
1. University of Iowa
2. University of Colorado, Boulder
3. Southern Methodist University
4. Iowa State University
5. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
6. SUNY, Buffalo
7. University of South Florida
8. Syracuse University
9. University of Central Florida
10. Arizona State University
11. University of Alabama, Birmingham
SL No. Universities for GRE Score 320-340
1. University of Southern California
2. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
3. Penn State University
4. University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
5. Ohio State University
6. Northwestern University
7. Columbia University
8. Rutgers University
9. University of Texas, Austin
10. Texas A & M University, College Station
11. University of Wisconsin, Madison
12. Purdue University
13. University of California, Irvine
14. University of California, Berkeley
15. Cornell University
16. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
17. Stanford University
18. Georgia Institute of Technology

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