GRE Scores for MIS in US

GRE Scores for MIS in US

MIS stands for Management Information System, it is a techno-management course, which is gaining pace among other Masters degree programme. In the world of digitization, big corporate houses are hiring candidates from this particular domain. No wonder, since it gives ample job opportunities and that too on the higher managerial level. To get into the course, you have to qualify the standard GRE General test. In this article we have brought together the course structure and its benefits.

What is MIS?

MIS refers to a computer-based system which provides the tools to managers for assembling, organizing, evaluating and executing the normal functioning of departments within an organization. It is a very effective tool to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization as it provides old, present and effective data. It also includes software which helps in the decision-making process. The task of the MIS manager is to focus on the organization’s information and technology systems. The MIS manager critically analyzes business crisis and then designs and sustains computer applications to solve the organization’s crisis.

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The MIS Course Structure

  • Distributive Computing
  • Computerized info system
  • Networking and data comm.
  • Database management system

MIS Career Opportunities

  • Exposure towards project meetings & corporate strategy.
  • Knowledge to function in a management consultancy firm.
  • Systems consultant/analyst with a large consulting firm.
  • Opportunity to earn external certifications in areas such as information systems auditing, networking (CISCO, Microsoft) or databases (Oracle).

List of Universities Accepting GRE Scores for MIS

Universities for GRE Score 310-320

University of Cincinnati
Colorado State University, Fort Collins
University of Illinois, Chicago
University of Connecticut
Oklahoma State University
University of South Florida
Iowa State University
Arizona State University
New York University

Universities for GRE Score 305-310

University of Texas, Dallas
Northeastern University, Boston
University of North Carolina, Charlotte
George Mason University
Syracuse University
University of Utah
SUNY Buffalo
University of Florida
Georgia State University

Universities for GRE Score 300-305

University of Texas, Arlington
Northern Illinois University
University of Delaware
San Diego State University
University of Nebraska, Omaha
Rochester Institute of Technology
Santa Clara University
Polytechnic School of Engineering – NYU
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago
Texas Tech University
Stevens Institute of Technology

Universities for GRE Score 290-300

University of Illinois, Springfield
University of Houston, Clear Lake
Florida International University
University of Alabama, Huntsville
University of Colorado, Denver
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Texas A & M, Corpus Christi

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