GRE Scores for Top US Universities

GRE Scores for Top US Universities

US is the birthplace of the GRE Test. It stands for Graduate Record Examination. It is one of the standardized test that one needs to qualify for admission to graduate or management schools in the US. But now the test has reached over 160 countries and more than 1000 test centers are its conducting partners. Since 1949 Educational Testing Score (ETS) is regulating and administering the GRE Test .

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The GRE test is categorized into

  1. GRE General Test: classified into:
    1. Computer Based
    2. Paper Based
  2. GRE Subject Test: contains seven disciplines:
    1. GRE Biochemistry Test
    2. GRE Chemistry Test
    3. GRE Literature in English Test
    4. GRE Mathematics Test
    5. GRE Physics Test
    6. GRE Psychology Test
    7. GRE Biology Test

List of Top US Universities Accepting GRE Score

US Universities for GRE Score Range 334 – 340
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2 Stanford University
3 University of California- Berkeley
4 University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign
5 University of Michigan Ann Arbor
6 Cornell University
7 University of Texas at Austin
8 University of Maryland – College park
9 University of California – San Diego
10 California Institute of Technology
11 University of Wisconsin- Madison
12 University of California Los Angeles
13 Harvard University
14 Carnegie Mellon University
US Universities for GRE Score Range 325 – 333
1 Purdue University –West Lafayette
2 Princeton University
3 Pennsylvania State University –Univ Park
4 Georgia Institute of Technology
5 Virginia poly Tech
6 Texas A & M College Station
7 Duke University
8 University of Washington – Seattle
9 University of Minnesota
10 Columbia University
11 Yale University
12 Ohio State University
13 University of Pittsburgh
14 Brown university (RI)
15 John Hopkins University
16 North Carolina State University
17 Dartmouth College, NH
18 Iowa State University
19 University of California- Santa Barbara
20 Case Western Reserve University
21 Northwestern University (IL)
22 Arizona State University
23 University of Iowa
24 Rutgers, State Univ of NJ, New Brunswick
25 Rice University
26 University of Rochester
27 University of Virginia
28 University of Pennsylvania

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