Why GRE over GMAT

Since the year 1953, the candidates planning on joining business schools had just one option, and that was through GMAT. But with the modification in the pattern of GRE in 2011, many b-schools started accepting the GRE scores for MBA admissions. Before then, the GRE scores were predominantly used for admissions into most master’s degree programs barring the MBA. Now, the students have another option to choose from in the form of GRE.

Introduction of another option can also lead to some confusion, which applies to this case as well. The aspirants, who earlier had no other choice but to appear for the only exam have now become confused as to which one of the two exams to go forward with. A candidate must choose between the two exams by himself after weighing their pros and cons. We have listed some points, which will help you in figuring out the best option out of the two.

Why Choose GMAT?

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is taken by the candidates for the purpose of applying to various business schools. It is a computer-adaptive exam that tests a candidate’s grasp on topics related to quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, integrated reasoning, and analytical writing. The GMAT exam can be taken a maximum of five times in a year with the condition that each consecutive attempt is only made after a gap of minimum sixteen days.

Why Choose GRE?

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is also a computer adaptive test that is conducted all year round. This test is taken by the candidates to apply for various master’s degree courses and doctoral programs at numerous grad schools located all over the world. Previously, GRE was not the preferred exam for getting MBA admissions due to its limited acceptance among the top b-schools. But since the modifications in the pattern of GRE in the year 2011, many top universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, Duke, NYU, etc. have also started accepting GRE scores for granting admissions into their MBA programs.

Why Choose GRE Over GMAT?

If you are uncertain over choosing between GRE and GMAT then here lies a list why you should choose GRE:

  • While GRE is taken by candidates to get admissions into a wide range of master’s degree programs, GMAT score can be used exclusively for getting admission into an MBA program.
  • If grammar and logic are not your biggest strengths, then select GRE as it does not put a great deal of emphasis on the grammar. Just having a strong grip over the basics of grammar and logical reasoning can do the trick for you.
  • GRE exam also allows you to skip a question, return to a question later on and answer a particular question first that interests you the most.
  • Struggling with maths? Choose GRE, as the quant section of GRE is generally considered to be easier than the quant section of GMAT.
  • The integrated reasoning section was added to the GMAT exam in the year 2012. Scoring good marks in this section is considered as a challenge by many test takers. On the other hand, GRE does not contain any such section.
  • Students also get the chance to apply for various dual degree courses through GRE, which acts as another viable option for them.

Opting to appear for GRE over GMAT may not be a game changer for your chances of admission at a top b-school. But, if the reasons mentioned above, fit well with your situation then you should definitely consider choosing GRE over GMAT.

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