GRE vs GMAT Which Test Is Right For Business School?

Planning on joining B-school but confused about the test to opt for? GMAT and GRE are the two exams through which you can enter into your dream university, but the question to bother a candidate the most is which exam would be the right one to choose.

  • Why this confusion?

Now, as more and more B-schools have started accepting GRE scores, candidates have started getting confused which one to choose. The biggest reason behind this vagueness is if a candidate appears for GMAT he can apply only for MBA program whereas, GRE score is accepted by all grad as well as B-schools. GRE broadens the scope from MBA to M.S., Ph.D., and dual degree programs as well. But what about those candidates who wish to apply only for the MBA programs? Why would they even think about GRE?

It’s on you to decide between the two, as both GMAT and GRE are standardized exams having their importance varying from the viewpoint of person to person. But what we can do is, we can give an unbiased review of both the exams and then the decision will appear to be child’s play if you have a complete knowledge of all the pros and cons associated with these exams.

  • Who opts for GMAT?

Candidates who are looking to join business program alone choose to write GMAT. There is hardly any business school that doesn’t love GMAT, and because of this reason most of the applicants choose GMAT over GRE.

  • Who opts for GRE?

Candidates who want to apply for various grad schools write the GRE exam. Irrespective of the fact that many B-schools, ranging from super elite colleges to the average ones, have now started accepting scores of GRE, it is still mostly recognized as an exam for Ph.D. programs or graduate programs.

  • How can you make your decision?

If you are still deciding what you want to do in your future, that is, if you are not yet sure whether to go for an MBA or choose any graduate program or go for a dual-degree program, then we would recommend you to opt for GRE. The reason to choose this over GMAT is because GRE is an admission test which is accepted by all non-MBA graduate programs as well as B-schools.

But remember that, if you are committed to going for an MBA then choose GMAT, as the GMAT score is subsequently seen as a commitment to MBA by various B-schools, and hence can help in admissions.

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