Is GRE exam necessary for MIM?


GRE scores are accepted by schools offering MIM or Masters in Management. MIM is quite different from an MBA. MIM doesn’t require any experience, which makes it a popular choice among the fresh graduates. MIM course provides comprehensive knowledge about a specific business area. You can choose to do specialisation in any management stream such as finance, marketing, consulting, entrepreneurship etc. The prerequisites to apply for MIM degree are:-

Bachelor’s degree

The basic requirement to apply for MIM course is a bachelor’s degree. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to business domain. Students who already have a master’s degree can also apply for the program.

English language skills

Most of the MIM courses are lectured in English. So, the universities often ask for a certain level of performance in exams like TOEFL or IELTS for second language speakers. Through these tests they want to ensure that all students are able to follow the program and gel together with students from different countries.

  • Other exams : Some Business Schools also accept other tests like Cambridge Proficiency Examination (CPE) and the Cambridge Advanced Examination (CAE). Some Business Schools also conduct in-house tests. This can help the candidate as he will get to save some money. There is a drawback that the test scores will be valid for application only for that particular university.
  • Check for validity : Applicants must keep in mind that the results of the tests are only valid for a limited amount of time. TOEFL scores expire after two years, so the candidate will have to re-appear for the test
  • Alternate tests : Someone who has done his bachelors with in English medium or has lived in a English speaking country for a significant amount of time can save his time and money for appearing in IELTS or TOEFL. In these cases some Business Schools only test the language proficiency of the applicant in an interview.

GRE scores

Most universities require GMAT or GRE score from the applicants for admission to MIM course. All good universities require a candidate to score at least 600 points. In order to get scholarships, students are advised to score in excess of 650 points. Other than GRE scores, factors such as extra-curricular activities, academic background etc. may also have some effect on the acceptance of application.

Know more abou t GRE

GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a standardized online exam which is necessary to apply for a Master’s Degree or PHD in any field overseas. You can take the GRE exam any time during a year, by selecting a slot for the exam 45 days prior. ETS (Educational Testing Service) is responsible for conducting the exam.

GRE test is computer adaptive, In this test, the difficulty of next section depends upon your performance in the previous section. If you do well in the first verbal section, the difficulty level of second verbal section will automatically increase.

The difficulty level of questions within a section does not change. The scores for Verbal and Quant sections are between 130 to 170, in one point increments. Analytical writing is scored on a scale of 0 to 6, in 0.5 increments.

GRE test pattern and syllabus:

The GRE syllabus basically consists of three subjects namely: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing. Time duration of GRE test is 3 hours and 45 minutes. There are total six sections: two sections each on verbal and quantitative reasoning, one section on analytical writing. The sixth section is redundant as it has no role to play in calculation of final score. The GRE exam syllabus covering all three sections is as follows:

Analytical Writing

In this section, the writing skills of a candidate are tested. Candidates are given topics on which they have to write. They are also provided passages, on the basis of which they have to write the answers. The passages could be related to any topic, so the syllabus of this section is quite vast.

Verbal Reasoning

This section measures a candidate’s ability to analyse and draw conclusions based on the given data. It also tests a candidate’s ability to comprehend the written material, read and find out the logical relationship between the points mentioned in the passage. The topics covered under this section are as follows:-

  • Basic sentence: Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives
  • Verb Tense
  • Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions
  • Pronoun Agreement
  • Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Modifiers
  • Parallelism

Quantitative Reasoning

The quantitative reasoning aims to find out the understanding, interpreting and analysing ability of a candidate, through the given quantitative information. This section can be further divided into 4 major sections: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Data analysis. Detailed syllabus is as follows:-

  • Arithmetic:
    1. Integers
    2. Fractions
    3. Exponents and Roots
    4. Decimals
    5. Real Numbers
    6. Ratio
    7. Percentages
  • Algebra:
    1. Operations with Algebraic Expressions
    2. Rules of Exponents
    3. Solving Linear Equations
    4. Solving Quadratic Equations
    5. Solving Linear Inequalities
    6. Functions
    7. Applications
    8. Coordinate Geometry
    9. Graphs of Functions
  • Geometry:
    1. Lines and Angles
    2. Polygons
    3. Triangles
    4. Quadrilaterals
    5. Circles
    6. 3-D Figures
  • Data Analysis:
    1. Graphical Methods for Describing Data
    2. Numerical Methods for Describing Data
    3. Counting Methods
    4. Probability
    5. Distributions of Data, random Variables and Probability Distributions
    6. Data Interpretation Examples

GRE Exam 2018 Fees Structure

The application fee for GRE General Test is $205 worldwide, which almost translates to INR 14500. Also, candidates have to pay for special handling requests like:

  • Late registration fee: $25
  • Standby testing: $25
  • Rescheduling fee: $50   
  • Changing the test centre: $50

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