Masters In Embedded System

  • Applications of Embedded System

The most common form of computer systems is the Embedded Systems. The application purposes of embedded systems utilize approximately 98 percent of all manufactured processors, expanding in all domains whether it is satellites, medical technology, and aerospace, sewing machines and vehicles, media and entertainment industries or power plants, etc. The cardinal needs for these systems are due to high-level of demands in reliability and functionality. In past few decades, Embedded System has emerged as a key technology to the modern society. The constant innovations and experiments taking place in the field of embedded systems has made our lives more enjoyable, healthier, safer and sustainable.

Though the embedded systems are either hardware or software systems that are built into devices still, they are not recognized as computer devices. Nonetheless, these systems are responsible for controlling the functionality and perceiving the quality of the device. Some particular examples of embedded systems are; automatic pilot in planes; chip and software of a smartphone; system controllers of cars; pacemakers, robots and mechatronic machines; etc. On an average, the recorded growth rate in the field of embedded systems is more than 10% per annum and, according to experts, it will rise to 40 billion devices by the end of the year 2020.

  • Course Details of Master’s in Embedded System

The Master’s degree in embedded systems engineering (ESE) provides ample details of all essential embedded technologies, trends and current tools. This course is offered under the domain of master’s in computer science and technology and is designed specifically for providing broader and more versatile skill set in relation to the industrial aspect to enhance the ability of the students in the real world.

The focus of the Masters in Embedded Systems in the domain of computer science and engineering is on designing reliable and an efficient system. To construct a reliable protocol for complex system software, it is important to gain the knowledge of algorithms, designing, documentation and performance.

  • Career Options in Embedded System

In a world where everything is quickly growing to be digitalized, the contribution of an embedded scholar is going to be tremendous. There are vast career opportunities available for a student holding masters’ degree in an integrated system, let’s take a quick look at prospective options:

  • Embedded System Software
  • Wi-Fi / RF / Communications Protocol
  • Driver Development – Linux
  • Application software
  • System software
  • Software test engineer
  • GPS/AGPS Developer
  • Embedded Hardware
  • Board (hardware) validation
  • Hardware engineering
  • Board Designing
  • Application
  • Technical Support- Application
  • Tech Support Engineering
  • Product Application
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Sales Executive
  • Marketing executive

With so many future options, you can choose your masters in embedded system and give new wings to your career.

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