Masters Program in the Traditional Subjects


‘I owe all my success to that one fateful day when I decided to go with this career choice. At a time when most of my colleagues were planning for Harvard, Stanford etc. in Computer Science, I decided I will not be a part of the herd and study only what I was genuinely interested in, however trivial the course might seem’, says Alex Bowden, a recent graduate from a major in accounting field from the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, one of the top colleges in the world, for the chosen course. Now, Alex is one of the top-earning accountants in a major consultancy firm and he believes that his decision to choose a lesser known MS degree made all the difference.

For an MS degree, there are various options available for students who are planning for non-technical fields as a career. Have a look at a few of them listed below along with the top schools available for the mentioned courses :

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1)MS in Accounting: MS in accounting is an upcoming field that is for the most part also mentioned as one of the following : Master of Accounting (MAcc or MAc), Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcy, MPA, MPAc or MPAcc) or Master of Science in Accounting (MSA). As a Masters in Accounting graduate, you can expect to learn through a variety of courses, contextual analysis and project work, including a lot of autonomous examinations, which in the end concludes with a final thesis or dissertation. A few students may likewise be offered the chance to attempt a venture for an organization outside college.

Top schools:

  1. University of Texas, Austin, MCCOMBS School of Business.
  2. University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, College of Business
  3. Brigham Young University-Marriott School of Management
  4. University of Southern California- Leventhal School of Accounting
  5. Ohio state university- Max M Fisher College of Business.
  6. University of Michigan Ann Arbor- Stephen M Ross School of Business
  7. Wharton School – University of Pennsylvania
  8. University of Chicago-Booth School of Business
  9. Stanford University-Graduate school of Business.
  10. University of Notre Dame-Mendoza College of Business.

2) Masters in Human Resource Management:These courses are mostly offered as a Master of Science (MSc) or a specific Master of Business Administration (MBA), and also sometimes, available as a Master of Arts (MA) degree. A few colleges offer human resource management courses as a major aspect of a broader graduate degree, consolidating HR with business, which might be helpful in the event that you haven’t already concentrated on business and need to pick up a basic idea regarding significant issues.

The length of the Masters projects will vary between nations, however, Masters in Human Resource Management will, for the most part, take maybe a couple years to finish, provided you are pursuing the same full-time.

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There are various career options available for graduates from Masters in Human Resource Management such as a career as a Human Resource Manager, Equality and Diversity officer, Training and Development Officer, Recruitment Consultant and Management Consultant.

Top schools

  1. Purdue University: MS in Human Resources Management (HRM)
  2. Northwestern University: MS- HRM
  3. Stanford University: MS Human Resources
  4. Cornell University: MS Leadership
  5. University of Chicago: MS Managerial & Organizational Behaviour
  6. Texas A&M University: MS in HRM
  7. Michigan State University: MS in HRM
  8. Ohio State University: MS in HRM
  9. Temple University: MS in HRM
  10. Pepperdine University: MS in Management and Leadership

3)MS in Marketing: MS in marketing programs are usually offered as a combination of courses. A Master of Science in Marketing program focuses on marketing analytics. These programs train students to work in any industry, consulting firms, non-profit organisations, government, and other organizations where marketing analytics adds value.

A Master of Science in Marketing provides academically distinguished students the opportunity to develop many of these skills.

Top schools

  1. Northwestern University in Evanston, IL
  2. University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia
  3. Stanford University in Stanford
  4. Dartmouth college
  5. Depaul University
  6. Duke University
  7. Eastern Michigan University
  8. Florida State University
  9. Fordham University
  10. Indiana University

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