Masters as a Research Oriented Degree

Many candidates on completing their GRE exam opt to pursue their Masters which can be either a research oriented or a coursework oriented degree. A course oriented program is one where the focus is majorly on the program and the subjects that are provided with less inclination towards research. A research oriented degree however, is one which focuses majorly on development in innovation and research in the field work. Therefore, if your inclination is towards the same, then you can opt for it. Usually, students who select a research oriented degree are students with good undergrad credentials and wish to go for more research in the same field.

In terms of job opportunity it depends on the kind of job you want, if you are able to build a strong, research-based profile, then you can go for high quality specialized jobs which would otherwise be given only to PhD holders. Therefore, it is imperative that you have a genuine interest for the field that you have decided to choose as your MS degree. Alternatively if you decide to go for a course work oriented Master’s degree, it will broaden your knowledge in the field as well as making you a specialist. However there won’t be much emphasis on doing research and innovation work.

Colleges that offer research oriented programs are usually keen on providing good research and state of the art facilities to the students to ensure that quality papers and journals are being produced. They place emphasis on producing high standard work. Therefore, you will be able to acquire financial grants and scholarships if you display competence and efficiency in your research work.

Therefore, masters as a research oriented degree will be an asset for students who are genuinely interested in research in their respective fields.

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