Five Mistakes to Avoid the Day before the GRE

Tomorrow is the big day, GRE test day, and you are anxious thinking about tomorrow. It is not wrong to be worried, but it surely is a mistake to stress out yourself because stress will not help you, instead it will hamper your performance. We have all done this at one point or the other, drowning oneself in caffeine, getting no sleep and studying the whole night in expectation of grasping each and every missed out topic. But, let’s face the reality; this is exactly the kind of situation we must avoid if we want to perform our best in a standardized exam such as GRE.

Here are a few emblematic snares that every student faces a day before the exam, and that should surely be avoided for your peace of mind and optimal performance.

  1. Panicking
  2. Mugging up the topics
  3. No sleep or less sleep
  4. Unhealthy diet
  5. Last minute tensions


Stop freaking out over the possible outcomes of the exam. Focus on the things that you are supposed to do by staying in the present moment. Go through the problematic areas and revise the important maths formulae. Stay true to the process and the results are bound to come. Do not fret over the things you didn’t get right during the preparation and remind yourself of all the hard work you have done to create a positive mind-set.

Mugging Up the Topics

Cramming is your biggest enemy if you want to excel in your exam. It stresses and wears out your brain because of which your performance can get adversely affected on the D-day. Think of GRE test day as a marathon day and now decide, will you run the whole distance a day before the actual day? Naturally, apart from a few stretches and exercises, you won’t exert your body. But you must ensure that your mind stays fresh before it is put to the test.

No Sleep or Less Sleep

Again, think of GRE exam day as your marathon day. To complete the marathon, you will be required to run miles, meaning your body will need all the energy it can muster otherwise you will never be able to win the race if you are tired even before you have started. Same goes with the brain, if your brain is thoroughly tired even before you have started your test, it won’t be able to distinguish between right and wrong and you will start panicking. Brain reconstructs all damaged cells while the person sleeps. So let the brain regenerate itself and perform at its best on the final day.

Unhealthy Eating

Eating either too little or too much can affect your mind’s ability to think and react. Make sure that you have a balanced meal so that you are able to concentrate properly during the exam. Have some fruits and nuts as they help in releasing happy hormones like dopamine, serotonin etc. which help in alleviating anxiety.

Last Minute Tensions

Last minute tensions in the examination hall just before the start of the exam can seriously hamper your ability to execute all that you have learned during your entire preparation. Do things that help you in getting over any last minute worries. Wear your favorite shirt, take some deep breaths and think positively to create a feeling of comfort. Any sense of familiarity with the surroundings will also help in increasing your overall efficiency. Do whatever puts you in the best frame of mind and you’ll be set up perfectly to ace the exam.

Five Mistakes to Avoid the Day before the GRE

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