MS in Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems

MIS (Management Information Systems) is the application of computer related technology to managerial programs. With a course in MIS, you will be dealing with a comprehensive course structure that deals with computerized information systems. The course will make you eligible to apply to job positions in a functional business unit such as a management consultancy firm. While pursuing MS in Management Information Systems, you will have the opportunity to visit several organizations in a business environment. You will also have the option to function in a managerial environment, managerial auditing systems, networking or databases. Many students have taken advantage of this option and went for a course in a managerial environment.

Management Information Systems are used by organisations for strategic, tactical and operational management. They add more value to the companies by making the business more profitable. The data related to various facets of business is recorded, stored and processed, which aids the managers in the decision-making process. The major components of Management Information Systems are data, people, software, hardware, and business procedures. It is male dominated field with males constituting 76% of the entire workforce employed in professions related to MIS.

This degree prepares you for a career in MS profile, you will have the option to work in a competitive environment. With the options to work in a business environment, many students acquire valuable skills with this degree. The highest ranked college offering this degree is Carnegie Mellon University (Heinz school). With its state of the art research facilities, excellent faculty and outstanding placement records, this college is a dream for different undergraduates planning for a career in Management Information Systems. Therefore post your GRE exam we would suggest you to include Carnegie Mellon University as one of the options among your college applications. Given below are some of the other top universities offering MS is Management Information Systems as well.

  1. Carnegie Mellon University
  2. Indiana University-Bloomington
  3. UCB, Berkeley
  4. University of Washington, Seattle
  5. University of Arizona, Eller
  6. Texas A&M University
  7. New York University, Stern
  8. Rensselaer Polytechnic University
  9. Syracuse University
  10. Suny Buffalo School of Management

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Course Objective

Since management information systems use information technology to aid the managerial processes, there is a heavy technical component that is implemented in most MS in MIS programs. These courses are also designed to help students develop a broad perspective that can help them in execution of managerial functions. The importance of knowledge related to web-based technologies has grown exponentially over the past decade as they have been vital in creation of strategic opportunities for businesses. So, the students are taught subjects like networking and data communication, DBMS, design development and distributed computing etc. as a part of the course to make them more familiar with the fundamental technical concepts that are required to perform their duties as a MIS manager.   Read our article on How to Apply for MS in Abroad?


According to PayScale, the salary of a MIS manager in India ranges from INR 1,46,477 to INR 7,47,950 per annum and in the US, the average salary for a MIS manager is USD 85k per annum. The MS in Management Information Systems degree holders are hired by top companies like Amazon Inc., Deloitte Consulting LLP, EY (Ernst & Young), Deloitte & Touche LLP etc. Here is a table showing the average salary of a MIS manager as per the region in the US.

Region in the US Salary
Maine $131,000
California $102,750
Massachusetts $99,938
Colorado $43,401


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