Ph.D. in Biotechnology

Ph.D. in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is simply, the application of technological innovations on biology. Biotechnology helps develop products which will help improve our lives and the health of our planet. Modern biotechnological products help eradicate rare diseases, reduce environmental footprint, produce more crops and feed the hungry, using biofuels and clean energy. Healthcare products based on biotechnology, helped treat diseases which were previously untreatable. Recent advances in biotech are helping the world being better prepared for the challenges ahead.

A Ph.D. in biotechnology or molecular biology provides competency that can help in contributing to the development of the bio-products. The relevant areas of molecular biology provide knowledge that is suitable for attaining the capacity of solving various issues such as, problems related to health, food security, energy, and environmental sustainability.

  • About the Field

Biotechnology is a segment that possesses an evident capacity of transforming production and hence, it works as a key factor in environmental management. Since the first time the DNA cloning was successful, scientists have been working to create genetically modified organisms. The market for the genetic mutation of substances grew no bounds after the world saw the gains of using this technology. The medical and agricultural industries have profited no limits as an effect of this. Biotech based start-up companies have been able to raise funding much faster and are helping develop drugs faster for the world.

The biotech sector can be divided into 5 major segments:

  • Bio-Pharma
  • Bio-Services
  • Bio-Agri
  • Bio-Industrial and
  • Bioinformatics

The Biotech industry has been growing at 20% year-on-year basis, according to Make In India. As a result big companies are betting big bucks on the innovation of biotechnology to take up market share and gain the goodwill of the public.

  • About the Course

The motive of this course is to foster future leaders in the field of biotechnology with additional skills of entrepreneurship and business.

The skills acquired by the research scholars in this course are:

  1. They can carry out independent scientific research in the field of biotechnology and be able to broadcast their findings.
  2. Transform present available knowledge into technologies
  3. Solutions to social challenges and biotechnology can be formulated
  4. Demonstrate innovativeness, creativity, leadership skills and entrepreneurial skills

The universities which offer Phd in Biotechnology often leave the choice of the path which you want to take up to you. Most universities do not have compulsory courses and lectures to make you worry about during the period of the course. But if the course instructor finds out that you may need more knowledge on a specific topic, he/she will recommend you to take a few classes on the subject during the Master’s degree classes. All the classes you attend are not for evaluation and no exams are conducted.

At the end of nine months into the degree, the candidate will conduct a presentation to the supervisor, explaining the progress and future roadmap.

All Phd in Biotechnology degrees end within 4-5 years, finishing with the dissertation of thesis and viva.

All candidates are expected to gain experience in teaching. They are allotted to teach an undergraduate or a master’s class or a laboratory session.

  • Research Areas

There are quite a few options available which a candidate pursuing a Ph.D. in Biotechnology can research in, these are:

  • Food Biotechnology
  • Genetic Bioengineering
  • Medical Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Animal and Plant Biotechnology
  • Careers After Phd

Ph.D. in Biotechnology provides students with not only theoretical knowledge but with practical skills as well that works as a key ingredient in transforming the natural resources and their livelihoods for the benefits of humans’. A student who has completed his Ph.D. in Biotechnology with flying colors is envisaged as a student who has attained the competency required for facing the challenges present in the local as well international market, industry or academia. Ph.D. in Biotechnology is designed for students who wish to make a career as an innovator, researcher, consultant or trainer.

A perfect profile for a student pursuing a Ph.D. in Biotechnology is in the field of biology, biotechnology, biochemistry or microbiology or biochemistry, medicine, engineering, chemistry, veterinary medicine, and food science and technology.

Biotechnology is a fast growing industry that has great scopes and bright future. If you are a person passionate about making this world a better place to live in, then Ph.D. in Biotechnology can prove to be your dream career.

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