PhD in Law – Criminal Law, Civil Law & Family Law

PhD in Law

A Doctorate in Law , also known as Phd in Law, is a higher post-graduate level degree focussing on a research and academic approach to study Law. Obtaining a PhD in Law, enables the candidate to become a professor or lecturer in the field of Law. In order to study PhD in Law, the candidate is expected to hold a Master’s degree in Law. Sometimes the universities may also accept if the candidate has a bachelor’s degree. A practicing Lawyer maybe a perfect candidate.

Careers with a PhD in Law

The completion of PhD in Law is a notable achievement in itself, which people inside and outside academia hold in high regard. Professions such as researchers, professors, legal professionals and policy makers find the skills of a Doctorate in Law as highly qualified. Out of all this, the legal teaching job market demands the most number of people with a Phd in Law.

  • PhD in Law: Civil Law

This program is known better worldwide as Doctorate in Civil Law (DCL). Civil law is the legal system that focuses on relations between individuals or organizations and the consequences of these relations. This branch of law focuses on finding solutions and compensations for victims of actions that do not follow the law of the society. The Doctorate of Civil Law program allows for contribution to legal research and knowledge under the supervision of a faculty member. Doctoral candidates normally plan to pursue an academic career.

  • PhD in Law: Criminal Law

Criminal law is different from civil rights law in that the latter focuses on disputes between private parties and seeks to compensate the victim. Law disciplines related to criminal law comprises of forensics, criminology, international criminal law, forensic psychology and military law. There are plenty of choices available to the candidate who wishes to focus on a topic of interest as his/her research topic.

  • PhD in Law: Family Law

Phd in Family Law programs are rare to find. This course revolves around family matters and domestic relations. Law disciplines related to family law include adoption, surrogacy, child protection, juvenile law, alimony and many more. A candidate with a Phd in Family law tends to become an academic and very often turn into gender issue activists.

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