Why to Study Masters Before Ph.D

We study, we compromise the luxuries of life, we dedicate our time for education so that we can live a leisure life, a life filled with success and the graph increases exponentially after getting a PhD. So, now let us assume that you are absolutely sure of getting a PhD in future. Again let’s assume that a separate master’s degree is not the last requirement to get into that PhD program, though the option of getting a master is available since you already hold a bachelor’s degree. Maybe you have performed extraordinarily in your Bachelor’s program, and it can shine up your resume. But don’t you think that a PhD program is a pretty big commitment in relation to both time and money. Would you opt for PhD without masters’?

It’s a classic conundrum faced by all new undergraduates. But the PhD experts advise on getting a master before pursuing a PhD. Let’s take a quick peek on how masters can prove to be beneficial in your Ph.D.

A Master’s Degree Prepares You Intellectually For A PhD.

Every course has a different level of complexity; the same is with post graduate, graduate level, and undergraduate work.

According to many PhD experts, earning a master’s degree helps you in getting accustomed to the course format of the PhD program, whereas, for the students coming straight from an undergraduate program to Ph.D. stream, usually gets surprised at how theoretical the material read in a Ph.D. program is.

A Master’s Degree Guarantees of Getting Into A Better PhD. Program

According to Ph.D. experts, the idea of getting a master’s before getting a Ph.D. is a good idea if college grades of the applicant are not too high enough to get them into best Ph.D. programs. Also, if the aspirant is planning on changing the field of major from the one they took in their undergrad school then, a master’s degree makes more sense than directly going for a Ph.D. degree. Ph.D. is all about thesis and research, so expecting of getting into an entirely different Ph.D. program from what you learned in undergraduate school is not possible without masters.

Though there are more reasons, which favor the debate of getting a master’s degree before pursuing a doctorate but these two, are the primary yet most prominent reasons for moving from masters to Ph.D. in place of moving from bachelor’s to the doctorate.  Byjus will be glad to help you in your GRE preparation journey. You can ask for any assistance related to GRE from us by just giving a missed call at +918884544444, or you can drop an SMS. You can write to us at gre@byjus.com.