Different VISA Types for the US

F-1 visa

F-1 visa is generally granted to students for their academic degree, for full time courses, valid till the duration of their study period and is not valid for employment. For students planning to extend their stay in US, after the completion of their degree, have to apply for H1B visa. However, H1 B visa is given out on a lottery system, as the demand of it is more than the supply. For students planning to work in US, getting an H1B visa is important.


H1B visa

A H1B visa is required if you are planning to stay and work in US. To qualify, you must have a bachelor’s degree or higher degree in the specific sector that you seek employment. Usually once you’re with MS, you will be eligible for a H1B visa, which will be allotted to you on a lottery system basis. More information on following link:


H2A Visa

A H2A visa is primarily a visa provision that allows US citizens to bring nationals from other countries for work in agricultural fields. More info on this on following link:


H2B Visa

H2B visa is a visa that is primarily that is awarded to people who are planning to come to US for a job which is temporary or seasonal in nature. Employer has to produce a certificate approving that for your position there are no employees in US.


F-1 visa

F1 visa is the primary visa for students planning to go for higher studies abroad. Acquiring an F1 visa requires you to undergo an interview for visa.

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