What is Letter of Recommendation (LoR)

Letter of Recommendation

A LoR or Letter of Recommendation is a document that is written by someone who would advocate you for your professional skills in a particular field. Ideally, a LoR is a basic document written to establish your competence in a technical/non-technical field and must be drafted by someone with whom you’ve had professional encounters. This plays an important role in your GRE exam application procedure.

Strong, well-written LoRs can give you a competitive advantage over others. Now the question is whom do you get an LoR from (insert hyperlink). Ideally, select the professor with whom you’ve had good professional as well as personal experiences. If you are a working professional, you can opt for a LoR from your manager or any other competent authority. If you’re planning to pursue your Masters degree abroad, then most colleges would require 2-3 letters of recommendation from your end.

Now the question of when to get an LoR?

There is no appropriate fixed time to get an LoR, however, the earlier you request for one, the more time the person drafting it will have to prepare your LoR and exhibit your abilities and strong points. Try to keep a minimum gap of 1 month before application deadlines to get your LoRs. Also, if there are any changes to be made in the LOR, make sure you do them before submitting.

Proof-read your LoRs before submission, this is an important step. There should be no grammatical or factual errors before sending your application. Now, you can send the same LoRs to all the schools that you have selected along with your GRE scores. However, it would be a good idea to edit your LoRs according to the college or better still, according to the program that you’re applying for. For example, let’s say a program offers classes on applied maths, and another on advanced maths. Let us presume that, you’ve experience in both, then design one LoR laying emphasis on applied maths and other on advanced maths.

A letter of recommendation should display your strengths and skills. Also, it should be backed with adequate proof. It would be useless to fill your LoR with generic terms., like ‘the student is hard-working, determined etc. These terms should be mentioned only once. The LoR should be focused more on the dexterity that the person drafting found in you while you were working/studying under them. That should be the prime focus of the LoR. Other essential skills such as team worker, hard working etc can be mentioned but should not be the only content of your LoR and definitely should not be the focus.

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