10 Must Read Books for UPSC

Reading the right books is the first step towards finding success in the UPSC exam. In this article, you will get a list of the best books to read if you wish to clear the IAS exam.


  1. Indian Polity: M. laxmikanth

Indian Polity by Laxmikanth is a very popular book for civil services examination particularly for Public Administration. The format and the language of this book is highly simplified. It reads more like a guide than a standard textbook. Laxmikanth explains all aspects of India’s polity like fundamental rights, duties, panchayati raj, budget, state and central government, judiciary, constitutional bodies etc in a very easy to understand manner.


2. History of Modern India: Bipin Chandra

For UPSC preparation, Bipin Chandra’s Modern History tops amongst popular history books, It has simple and lucid language , and an easy to understand flow throughout.The book is more than enough for understanding the important themes, events and different perspectives on Indian modern history.


3. NCERT Books (Class 6-12)

Among the NCERT Books you need to read all the relevant subjects from class 6th to 12th. However, you can skip a few chapters from the class 12th books. NCERT Books are without a doubt very helpful for CSE preparation.


4. India since Independence: Bipin Chandra

This is one of the best books for covering the post independence period.


5. Certificate Physical and Human Geography: GC Leong

This book is an indispensable tool for preparing core concepts of physical geography for Civil Services Preliminary Examination. It gives a lucid and crystal clear explanation of concepts. Presentation is excellent. It is one of the best book available in the market.


6. Atlas: Oxford

This is one of the best atlases available in the market and comes in very handy for geography preparation.


7. Indian Economy: Sanjiv Verma

The Indian Economy, by Sanjiv Verma, has arrived a comprehensive solution for those who are preparing for UPSC and civil services exams. Economics and subjects related to the Indian Economy have always been tedious to learn with their terms and technical jargons which are always complex, there has been a lookout for a book that can simplify and help the aspirants understand the concepts; and this book is the convenient solution  to gain knowledge about the Indian Economy.


8. Byju’s Tablet

This tablet is one of the best study aids to study all the  subjects in a very interactive manner. The videos will make your studies a whole lot fun and definitely much easier.


9. Latest Economic Survey

Read page by page and  make notes.


10. Lexicon: Ethics

It is an easy read with lucid language and relevant examples.

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