Important books to prepare for IAS Exam

Book for IAS exam preparation

It’s a very common question amongst the IAS aspirants ‘What are the books required to study for UPSC examination’. NCERT books are the best books to start your preparations for IAS. Most of the syllabus for IAS exam are taken from school textbooks that are written in a very simple manner since, these are Govt publications they hold an extra edge over others Below is a detailed list of the best books that is recommended to consider for IAS exam preparation: Must­Buy Foundation Books for IAS Prelims Syllabus

NCERT Basic Readings Magazines & Newspapers
History ● 11th (Ancient Indian History ­ RS Sharma) ● 11th (Medieval Indian History ­ Satish Chandra) ● 12th (Modern Indian History ­ Bipan Chandra) Indian Economy Performance & Policies ­ Uma Kapila The Hindu
Geography ● 6th to 10th Standard Books (Old Syllabus) ● 11th to 12th Standard Books (New Syllabus) Indian Constitution ­ M Lakshmikantha The Indian Express
Economics 11th Standard (Indian Economic Development) Marching Ahead With Science ­NBT From Government to Government ­ NBT Future of Indian Agriculture ­ NBT The Frontline
Indian Polity ● 9th to 12th Standard Book ● The Constitution of India ­ P M Bakshi India’s Foreign Policy ­ V P Dutt Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude ­ IGNOU Material Certificate Physical Geography ­ G C Leong Indian Year Book ­ Publication Division Yojana
International Relations ● 12th Standard Book (Contemporary World Politic) ● World Politics ● Orient Blackswan Atlas ● TTK School Atlas Constitutional Questions & Citizen Charter ­ A G Noorani Economic Development & Policies in India ­ Jain & Ohri India and the dynamics of World Politics ­ Sharma, Goria & Mishra Kurukshetra

It’s not necessary to read bulky books to clear IAS exam. But considering the competition and vast syllabus, there is no doubt that UPSC exam preparation cannot be done without some essential books. Quality books act as add­ons to your online preparation and help a lot in self­study. Concentrate on the recommended books mentioned above along with NCERT books for daily study and don’t forget to take notes on whatever you study and to keep it handy to remember points easily.

Here are giving the list of books to study for ias. These books are have got great review from different UPSC IAS Exam Toppers and it has helped lots of Toppers of UPSC IAS to fetch good marks also

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It is prudent that you read the books most recommended by experts. But instead of focusing on which book is best for IAS exam preparation, it is better to grab a few books and concentrate on completing those.