Celebrating the French Connection

International Francophonie Day, which is traditionally celebrated on March 20, celebrates the link French-speaking countries share despite being culturally diverse and located in different corners of the globe. 

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La Francophonie Facts

Key Points

  • The ‘Francophonie Community’ today encompasses 63 states and governments that have opted to be a part of this group.
  • To celebrate this sense of oneness through the bond of language, Alliance Française de Delhi has been organising cultural events.
  • On March 19, a day-long celebration will bring together representatives of many different countries, who will set up stalls all over the Alliance Française venue.
  • The evening will include a World Soul musical concert by Erika Lernot, who is of Martinican origin.
  • For March 20, the French cultural centre in Gurgaon has a series of events lined up.
  • This includes screening of films like Chloé Robichaud’sSarah préfère la course, Georges Lautner’s Les Tontons Flingueurs, and Pépé Le Moko that has been directed by Julien Duvivier.

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