Comprehensive News Analysis - 01 May 2016

Table of Contents:

A. GS1 Related:

1. Launch of Simhastha Declaration

B. GS2 Related:

1. Modi likely to travel to Iran on May 21

C. GS3 Related:

1. Uttarakhand blaze, a man-made disaster

D. GS4 Related
E. Important Editorials : A Quick Glance
F. Concepts-in-News: Related Concepts to Revise/Learn:
G. Fun with Practice Questions 🙂
H. Archives



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A. GS1 Related

1. Launch of Simhastha Declaration

Category: Art and Culture

Topic: Religious Festivals

Location: The Hindu, Page 10

Key points:

What is it?

  • A prescription on how a duty-centred system, which had been the origin of Indian philosophy of life, has become the most relevant today.
  • It will discuss relationship between religion, spirituality and science.
  • Further, relation to climate change and deep ecology will also be explored

Where will it be held?

  • At Ujjain, on the banks of River shipra, during the ongoing kumbhmela

What is the significance of Kumbhmela?

  • KumbhMelas in ancient India and today is associated with divine spiritual gurus taking baths and holy dips.
  • Further, it was a congregation to debate and discuss,  by socially influential people and dharma gurus on what is going on in society and how to deal with it

(Students Pls note: It is advisable to go through the six ancient philosophical systems or schools of India like Yoga, vaissesikaetc..This year particularly is highly relevant in these aspects for prelims as well as mains.)

Tags: KumbhMelas, River shipra


B. GS2 Related

1. Modi likely to travel to Iran on May 21

Topic: Agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s

Category: International Relations

Location: The Hindu, Page 14

Key points:

  • The agenda for the Prime Minister’s visit,may include travel to Tehran, Chabahar and visiting gas fields of India’s interest.
  • Modi will have a three-pronged agenda: of connectivity, energy and balance in the region.
  • Modi’s visit to Chahbahar follows India’s approval for the Ashgabat Agreement in March, which is aimed at creating International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC) connecting India, Russia, Iran with Europe and Central Asia.
  • The visit to Chahbahar is also likely to boost plans for a 1400-km undersea gas pipeline from Chahbahar to the Gujarat coast. Indian investment is aimed at integrating the port into the Indian Ocean Region. Coinciding with Mr. Modi’s visit, the Indian Ocean Region Association (IORA) will host a major international summit in Chahbahar.
  • During the visit, India and Iran are likely to seal anMoU on the pending energy project at Farzad-B gas field.
  • India and Iran who have been security partners in the region are also likely to seal an anti-terrorism deal during the visit.

Tags: International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC), Indian Ocean Region Association (IORA)


C. GS3 Related

1. Uttarakhand blaze, a man-made disaster

Category: Disaster Management

Topic: Forest Fires, Man-made Disasters 

Location: The hindu, Page 15

Key points:

  • Two years of drought and a rise in the average temperature, low relative humidity and strong winds have all contributed to the fires raging in Uttarakhand.
  • Apart from the threat to life, forest fires are ecologically damaging depending on whether they are ground fires or crown fires.
  • Compared to the United States and Australia, forest fires in India occur largely due to human actions.
  • Nearly 55 per cent of India’s forests are prone to fires and they emit aerosols in copious quantities that are damaging the environment, according to a study by the University of Freiburg on the causes and patterns of Indian forest fires.

Tags: Forest Fires


D. GS4 Related

Nothing here today folks! J


E. Important Editorials: A Quick Glance

Nothing here today folks! J


F. Concepts-in-News: Related Concepts to Revise/Learn:
  • International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC)
  • Ashgabat Agreement
  • Minimum Support Prices
  • Demographic Dividend
  • Indian Ocean Region Association (IORA)
G. Fun with Practice Questions 🙂
Question 1:Consider the following statements regarding Pulses crop.
  1. Minimum Support Price (MSP) for Pulses is determined by Agriculture Department
  2. India has the highest acreage under pulses as well as the highest yield per hectare

Which among the above statements is/are correct?

a) 1 only

b) 2 only

c) Both 1 and 2

d) Neither 1 nor 2


Question 2: The commonly used Indian spice Turmeric is rich in which of the following compound?

a) Anthanocyanin

b) Curcumin

c) Artemisinin

d) Chloroquine


Question 3:According to Ashgabat Agreement India is aiming to create an International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC).
Which of the following country does it NOT pass through.

a) Kazhakstan

b) Iran

c) Russia

d) India


Question 4:The Central Government has come out with a new scheme called “ UJALA “, it pertains to ?

a) Reforming the organizational structureDiscoms and making them profitable.

b) Giving out free electricity to the farmers for their farm needs.

c) Distribution of low cost LED bulbs for energy saving.

d) Scheme for Prevention of trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of women.


Question 5:The region, ‘Transoxiana’ is associated with which of the following geographies,

a) Central Asiab) South-East Asia

c) North America

d) South America

Check Your Answers

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