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Comprehensive News Analysis – UPSC Exam 2018

The UPSC civil services exam evaluates candidates on a number of subjects but the most important of these is current affairs. Current affairs forms the crux of the UPSC question papers and the most reliable source for IAS current affairs is the daily newspaper. Without reading newspapers, it is impossible to clear the IAS exam.

Reading the newspaper for the UPSC exam is a tricky affair. First of all, candidates should know what news to read and what news to avoid. Reading the newspaper from the front page to the last will be a sheer waste of time. Candidates should be prudent enough to pick out the news from the ‘noise’. And, even within a headline, they should know how to ‘analyse’ the news. Candidates should figure out what the headline exactly talks about, the core issue concerned and not the irrelevant details. UPSC does not ask questions about the irrelevant details but only on the issue concerned. For example, if an important judgement is passed, candidates need not remember the name of the judge who passed it, but they should definitely remember the details of the case and how it affects the country or the people. Also important are the implications of the news item for the country’s polity or economy.

Keeping the above factors in mind, BYJU’S has designed its Comprehensive News Analysis or CNA which picks out the relevant news headlines from the newspaper and dissects it from a UPSC 2018 point of view. The headlines under discussion are also classified according to the heading under which it falls, GS1, GS2, economy, geography, science and technology, etc. The daily CNA also features special categories like ‘Prelims Facts’ and ‘Tidbits’ – short news items that are of particular relevance for the UPSC prelims. Finally, the section also features prelims and mains questions for practice.

The Daily CNA is a perfect solution to those looking for a comprehensive analysis of the newspaper on a daily basis for the IAS exam.

TABLE OF CONTENTS A. GS1 Related INDIAN SOCIETY 1. Bhima Koregaon B. GS2 Related POLITY 1. ‘Panchayat secretary’s certificate is no proof’ 2....
TABLE OF CONTENTS A. GS1 Related B. GS2 Related POLITY 1. Fears over FRDI Bill misplaced, says government 2. Arun Jaitley notifies electoral...
TABLE OF CONTENTSA. GS1 Related HISTORY 1. Clash mars bicentenary of Bhima-Koregaon battle B. GS2 Related POLITY 1. 1.9 cr. names in first draft...

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