A day in the Life of an IAS Officer

A lot of IAS aspirants and also others are curious about the life of IAS Officer. People wonder, what a day in the life of an IAS officer looks like. It is no doubt hectic considering all the duties and responsibilities of a civil servant. An IAS officer does get good perks and a decent enough salary after the 7th pay commission. But does he get ample time to enjoy those perks? This article tries to throw a glimpse into life after becoming an IAS officer, which has been compiled from various sources.

Normally an IAS officer (DM level) leaves home by about 9 in the morning and reaches home by 9 or 9:30 PM. In between this time, he hardly gets time to attend or make personal phone calls. His day is packed with meetings and field work/inspection.

His phone must always be switched on in case of emergencies. During such time (natural or man-made disasters), he would be out for the whole night or for days at an end. Again, an IAS officer cannot leave his station without an approved leave.

Sometimes, an officer does not get time to eat his meals on time especially during emergencies.

Of course, an IAS officer does get a big house in a posh locality for himself and family. Most of the time though, he only gets to sleep in this house! As for official vehicle, they are barred from using it for personal use. And if they do, they have to pay some token amount to the government. He can, of course, keep 2 or 3 domestic help at home. An officer typically clocks around 70-75 hours a week at work. And this number goes up during emergencies.

As far as vacationing goes, it is very difficult for an IAS officer to get long leave. Even if he gets, he can be summoned for duty anytime in between. Other luxuries like watching a movie at a theatre are few and far between!

When an IAS officer gets the post of DM, Divisional Commissioner or Chief Secretary, he gets a bodyguard for security. As you saw, an IAS officer’s life is not all glamour and power. It entails long hours of work for the benefit of the people. If you are up to it, go for the UPSC exam and get an opportunity to change lives for the better.


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