How to Make Economics Interesting for IAS Preparation?

“The only fair is laissez-faire.”

Economics is an integral part of your IAS preparation. Even if you don’t opt for this subject as your optional, you will still have to study parts of it which are included in the general studies paper. Take a look at the UPSC Prelims syllabus economics portion:

Economic and Social Development: sustainable development, demographics, poverty, social sector initiatives, inclusion.

UPSC Mains economics syllabus: General Studies Paper III:

Technology, Economic Development, Biodiversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management

Many people find economics a dry subject. It is also considered a tough subject especially for those without an educational background in it. But you cannot avoid studying it as it is important for the UPSC exam. Read on for ways to make economics interesting for IAS preparation.

How to Make Economics Interesting:

  • Generally, macroeconomics is more important from the UPSC point of view but it is a good bet to start off with microeconomics since it is essential that you build a base to comprehend macro issues. This way you can avoid memorizing stuff for the IAS exam.
  • Include multiple learning methods while preparing for the IAS exam. Do not stick to books always. Watch lecture videos for a change. Try to learn from business newspapers where you read about issues affecting the country. Sometimes newspapers explain concepts lucidly.
  • Relate economics to the real world. Always learn by examples from the real world. This would make the subject easy to understand and less complex, not to mention more interesting. Read about how a good understanding of economics can make lives better and improve the human condition. It is not all numbers, concepts, and graphs. This should inspire you as future civil servants trying to change the lives of people in the country.

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