How to Deal Effectively with Exam Anxiety: UPSC IAS Exam

IAS Prelims 2017 is scheduled on 18th June 2017. Along with preparation, aspirants undergone a major problem called exam fear and anxiety. Some students, due to their immature attitude had committed suicide in the past due to exam fear and anxiety. UPSC IAS Exam is the toughest exam in the country.  One should approach this exam with maturity and calmness. The Exam fear and anxiety are common things among students of all age groups.
Some aspirants are good at handling exam fear and stress in their own way. Some those who cannot perform badly in exams or even immature decision. Here we are giving some tips to handle the exam fear and anxiety. This will help you to stay calm and positive in any situation.

#Effective study

The most effective way to deal with UPSC Exam fear is, study effectively. Aspirants should attend coaching classes, read NCERT books, solve UPSC previous year questions like an active student. If you have done your preparation properly, then say goodbye to worries. Effective study method and constant and sincere preparation generate a huge amount of positive energy. This will help you to get rid of exam fear.

#Enjoy learning

UPSC IAS Exam is the toughest exam. It is a one year prolonged procedure. One should understand their desire and enjoy throughout the rigorous preparation time. Make a proper and convenient study plan. Instead of waiting until the last minute, start studying earlier to avoid unnecessary tension. Adopt a positive outlook towards everything.

#Be organized

Being disorganized can make exam fear much worse. One should lead a self-disciplined life to become an IAS officer. Arrange your study materials for IAS separately. Keep your current affairs notes, short notes, NCERT books, Previous year question paper in an organized manner. Keep a separate folder for each and every subject. This will help you find the right material at the time of revision. Otherwise, you will start to panic because you can’t find that right material during the last minute preparation.

#Short Breaks

Breaks are inevitable during IAS preparation. Aspirants are supposed to study much information for cracking IAS Exam in a proper manner. Spending whole day studying will wreak havoc on your nerves and make anxiety worse. Every hour you should take a break for 10 minutes. Aspirants should try watching TV, listening to music, some stretching, eye exercises etc.

#Stay active

Physical activity and Exercise are the two great ways to reduce anxiety and exam fear. These activities will elevate your mood. Aspirants should choose their favorite physical activities to stay active.

#Good food for sound mind

UPSC aspirants suffering from anxiety does not feel hungry and they usually skip meals.hungry make your mood worse and the brain remains drained. A balanced diet is needed to keep you healthy and refresh.

#Sound sleep

Preparation without giving rest to your body and soul never going to be rewarded. Aspirants should sleep for 8 hours. A sound sleep will reinvigorate your brain and UPSC preparation

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