Environment Minister launches Web-Based Application on Integrated Waste Management System

  • The Government has launched a web-based application on Integrated Waste Management System (IWMS) –  for better management of waste.
  • It will provide an opportunity to all the industries dealing in hazardous waste, to apply online.
  • The user-friendly application can also track the movement of hazardous waste and will also help in ensuring its proper management.
  • There are an estimated 43000 industries dealing in hazardous waste, of which about 30000 industries have been mapped through this application.
  • The objective of the web-based application is to enhance transparency in the working of the Ministry and other Centre/State level regulatory bodies and also to reduce the time taken for processing applications.
  • The application has been developed to:-
    • Help people to apply and get online permissions for import and export of certain categories of waste.
    • Help authorities in web-based processing, generation and grant of various types of permissions to the entrepreneurs and industries.
    • Implement concept of paperless/ green office
    • Provide an insight to the number of authorization/ certificates granted under consent to establish, or consent to operate, from time to time across the country.
    • Enable user agencies to check the fate of their application any time through this web-based portal.
    • Generate database on waste generating/ processing industrial units under construction etc.
    • Generate data base on different categories of wastes generated viz hazardous, biomedical, municipal, electronic, plastic waste
  • Some of the key benefits of the web-based application include:
    • Availability of State-wise and national database on generation of various types of waste and number of waste generating/ processing industrial units in the country at one place.
    • This will help the authorities further to identify the problem areas and plan accordingly.
    • Will bring more transparency in the functioning of the Ministry and other State Authorities.
    • Conversion of the current legacy paper house to a green office i.e. a virtual office moving ahead with all its relevant required data on its own private cloud.
    • Single Window Access–  bridging the gap between industries and other waste generators, recyclers, operators of disposal facilities.
    • Quick decision on applications by the authorities
    • Better coordination and availability of information with the User Agencies (entrepreneurs/industries), Central and State authorities.

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