Fitch Ratings

  • Fitch Ratings is an international credit rating agency based out of New York City and London. It is a leading provider of credit ratings, commentary and research.
  • It is dedicated to providing value beyond the rating through independent and prospective credit opinions, Fitch Ratings offers global perspectives shaped by strong local market experience and credit market expertise.
  • The additional context, perspective and insights provided by it has helped investors fund a century of growth and make important credit judgments with confidence.
  • It is based on factors such as how small an economic shift would be necessary to affect the standing of the bond, and how much, and what kind of debt is held by the company.
  • Along with Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s, Fitch is one of the top three credit rating agencies. Its rating system is very similar to S&P’s in that they both use a letter system.

Some examples of letter ratings include:

  • AAA – reliable and stable
  • AA – quality with a bit higher risk
  • A – economic situation could affect finance
  • BBB – middle class-an acceptable risk
  • BB – more prone to economic changes
  • CCC – vulnerable, dependent on current economic situation
  • D – has defaulted before, high risk to again

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