Five Must Read Books for UPSC Civil Services Exam

If you are preparing to take the UPSC civil services prelims due to take place on the 18th of June, 2017, you would probably be feeling a little lost glancing over the must-read book list. Indeed, the UPSC syllabus is so enormous that it would seem like you need to read a whole lot of thick books if you want to make the cut. Everyone would tell you that reading the NCERTs is a given if you want to clear the IAS exams.

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Apart from the NCERTs and some standard text books that any serious IAS aspirant would know, there are a few very good and easy-to-read books that you must go through. We have compiled a list of five must read books for UPSC candidates to crack the coveted USPC civil services exam.


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1.  A Brief History of Modern India – Rajiv Ahir (Spectrum)

This book effectively captures the vast history of modern India in a simple, easy to read and understand manner. It covers all the essential points from a UPSC syllabus perspective. Every chapter summarizes the main points in a recap which is a god-sent for a UPSC aspirant. A must read.


2.  Certificate Physical and Human Geography – Goh Cheng Leong

This book is very good to get a strong theoretical basis in the subject. Part I is more important than Part II. In Part II, read only the first two chapters which cover the topics weather and climate.


3  Indian Economy – Sanjiv Verma

This book on Indian economy is especially important if you are hard pressed for time. This is just a 250-pages book and it captures all you need to know stuff in a lucid style.


4.  Wizard Geography

This book is a must read from the prelims point of view. It covers Indian and world geography. It also has an MCQ section at the end of each chapter.


5.  General Studies Based on NCERT Syllabus

Authors – Sheelwant Singh and Kriti Rastogi

This compilation is essential for the UPSC prelims paper I. All the topics have been covered in chapters on history, polity, geography, Indian economy, general studies, technology and constitution.

Go through these specialized books to get that edge over your competitors. It is not enough to just read thick books day in and day out for your IAS exam. You must also act smart by reading the correct books and other study material. This list coupled with your daily newspaper and magazine reading will definitely take you over the finish line in your UPSC civil services.


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