Madhesis Call Off Protest, Fuel Supply Back As Nepal Border Blockade Removed

The United Madhesi Front that led the blockade, said it would not resort to border blockade, general strike and shutting down government offices in view of the suffering it inflicts on general people.

  • Why Madhesis called off strike?
    • In a review meeting of the blockade four days after its end in humiliation following business communities from Bihar and Nepal side burning the tents meant for people staging dharna along the non-man’s land, the divided Front said it has decided to review its tactic in based on suggestions it got from different people in course of the blockade.
  • Why are the Madhesis protesting?
    • Nepal’s Madhesi community, largely of Indian origin, are opposed to the new Constitution that divides their ancestral homeland under the seven-province structure and have led an ongoing blockade of key border trade points with India.
  • Problems Faced
  • The blockade had caused much hardship to the general public as they were faced with acute shortage of petroleum products, cooking gas, medicines and other essentials due to closure of all border trade points between the two countries.
  • The blockade led to strain in the bilateral ties, with Kathmandu accusing New Delhi of imposing an “unofficial blockade”.

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