UPSC Exam 2019: General Instructions for Writing Prelims and Mains


The 2019 notification recently released by the UPSC contains certain general instructions that candidates are advised to follow while writing the answers. It also talks about when a scribe can be used for the IAS exam. Given below are the instructions to be kept in mind while writing both the UPSC prelims and the mains.

  • Candidates must write the exams in their own hand.
  • A scribe will be permitted only for blind candidates and candidates with locomotor disability and cerebral palsy with a minimum of 40% impairment.
  • In the above cases, a scribe will be allowed for both the prelims and the mains exam.
  • In case a candidate uses a scribe, compensatory time of 20 minutes per hour will be allowed.
  • The eligibility conditions of the scribe, his/her behaviour inside the exam hall and the manner and extent to which he/she can help the candidate will be determined by the UPSC instructions. Violation of these terms shall lead to the cancellation of candidature of the blind candidate and action can be taken against the scribe.
  • A candidate should have 40% or more visual impairment to be classified as a ‘blind’ candidate.
  • The blind candidate should produce a certificate in the prescribed format from a Medical Board constituted by the Central/State governments along with their mains exam application, to avail the concession allowed to them.
  • Candidates suffering from myopia are not allowed concessions given to blind candidates.
  • If a candidate has illegible handwriting, marks can be deducted from the total on account of this.
  • Marks will not be given for mere superficial knowledge.
  • Take care to write answers in an orderly, effective and exact manner with due consideration for the economy of words in all the subjects. Credit will be given for this by the UPSC.
  • SI units will be used in the question papers.
  • Candidates should use the international form of Indian Numerals (1,2,3,4…) in their answers.

General Instructions for candidates for writing UPSC mains exam:

  • Candidates are permitted to use non-programmable type scientific calculators in the mains exam. Programmable type calculators are not allowed. However, calculators of any type are not permitted in the prelims papers and they should not be brought into the hall.

General Instructions for candidates for writing UPSC prelims exam:

  • Candidates are not allowed to loan or exchange calculators while in the examination hall.

For more information on the IAS exam dates, scheme and other details, and to download the 2019 UPSC Notification PDF, click on the link below:

UPSC Notification 2019 released.

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