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For all those who cleared the UPSC Civil Services Exam a big applause and those who didn’t make it don’t lose your confidence and stop chasing your dream. Yet another year is ahead, start your IAS exam preparation now and work on what you lacked in your previous year. To inspire the beginners and boost the enthusiasm of who have attempted but didn’t clear, here we bring the best blog sites of the UPSC Civil Services ExamToppers of past years and current year who share their UPSC exam strategy, tips and their experience.

Blogs of IAS Officers/UPSC Toppers Blog

UPSC Civil Services Exam Toppers - 2015

Tina Dabi Rank 1

  • Education Background: Graduate in Political Science from Delhi University’s Lady Shri Ram College.
UPSC Civil Services Exam Toppers - 2014


Name: Ira Singhal –Rank 1

  • Ira Singhal is an Indian civil servant. She is the topper in the UPSC Civil Services Examination conducted for the year 2014. She topped the exam in her fourth attempt and become the first physically challenged woman to top the civil services exam in the general category.
  • Graduation Background and College: Computer Engineering from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology and received an MBA from Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi
  • UPSC Optional Subject: Geography
  • Currently:Posted as Assistant Commissioner in the Customs & Excise department of the Indian Revenue Services.


Name: Renu Raj – Rank 2

  • From a small town in Kerala who made it to IAS in her first chance
  • Graduation Background and College: MBBS, Govt. Medical College, Kottayam
  • UPSC Optional Subject: Malayalam
  • UPSC Mains Medium: English
  • UPSC Interview Medium: English


Name: Nitish K – Rank: 8

  • Graduation Background and College: Engineering
  • UPSC Optional Subject: Mathematics


Name: Ashish Kumar – Rank 9



Name:  Nishant Jain Rank 13

  • Graduation Background and College: M.A (Hindi) from Meerut College, M.Phil.Delhi
  • UPSC Optional Subject: Hindi Literature


UPSC Civil Services Exam Toppers - 2013


Name: Gurav Agrawal – Rank 1

  • UPSC 2012 Rank: 244
  • From August 2014, this site is not updated. But this is the complete archive of all articles published so far.
  • To know more one can also visit Unacademy.


Name: Divyanshu Jha – Rank 9

  • Graduation Background and College: BTech information technology from Delhi College of Engineering
  • UPSC Optional Subject: Physics


Name: Roman Saini – Rank 18

  • Rank – 18
  • UPSC Topper 2013 – at the age of 22, he cleared the Civil Services Examination in his first attempt by securing an All India Rank of 18 and became one of the youngest IAS officers in India.
  • In 2013, Saini created Unacademy, an online education portal for civil service aspirants, together with GauravMunjal
  • He resigned in 2016 before the formal completion of his training to devote more time for his free education mission, mainly through Unacademy.


UPSC Civil Services Exam Toppers - 2012


Name: Sriram V – Rank 2



Name: Divya Mittal – Rank 332

  • Background:
  • Education: B.Tech(IIT Delhi), MBA (IIM Bangalore)
  • CSE-2012 Rank 68, Allocated IAS (3rd attempt, Economics, Commerce)
  • CSE-2011 Rank 134, Allocated IPS (2nd attempt, Economics, Management)
  • CSE-2010 Rank 332, Allocated IRS (IT) (1st attempt, Economics, Management)
  • The motivation behind the blog comes from Rabindranath Tagore's lines, “Where knowledge is free into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.”


UPSC Civil Services Exam Toppers - 2011


Name: Shweta Mohanty – Rank  2



UPSC Civil Services Exam Toppers - 2010


Name: Prakash Rajpurohit Rank-2



Name: Anay Dwivedi – Rank 5

  • Psychology, Public Administration and GS tips


Name: Tanvi Sundriyal – Rank 6



Name: Garima Mittal – Rank 8 

  • a few Sociology, Essay written notes, strategy etc.


Name: Prabhjot Singh Rank 16



Name: Ghanshyam Thori – Rank 25



UPSC Civil Services Exam Toppers - 2009


Name: Shubhra Saxena – Rank 1

  • Public Administration preparation strategy, General Studies paper strategy etc.


Name: Abhijeet Aggarwal – Rank 24

  • Physics, Chemistry all notes scanned, lot of chemistry and physics books to download, strategy etc.


Name: Prasanth Reddy – Rank 64